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Goldenseal Business Software

Goldenseal is small business software for Macintosh and Windows computers. It uses "real world" accounting concepts, so it is easy to learn and easy to use.

Goldenseal is designed for any small business that needs to track expenses, create cost estimates or manage projects.

All of the Goldenseal features are tightly integrated, so you don't need to learn several programs (or figure out how to share data between them).

The basic version includes all of the following (single user):

The complete version includes all of the items mentioned above, plus these accounting features:

Goldenseal is available for Macintosh and Windows computers. Click here for software pricing. Click here for a high resolution screen shot.

Multi-User Version

Goldenseal is "groupware" software that you can run as client-server software on a network.

With the multi-user version, any number of computers can access the same file via a LAN (local area network) or dial-up connection. You can use either a Macintosh or Windows server, and any combination of Macs and Windows as clients.

Click here for software pricing. Contact us about other setups.

Why Use Integrated Software?

Goldenseal combines estimating software, accounting software and project management software into a single program that runs on Macintosh or Windows. It keeps all your records in one place-- so you don't need to transfer data between programs, or worry about incompatible data formats.

Goldenseal uses the same basic interface everywhere, so you don't need to learn several different ways of doing things. It lets you enter data once, and get multiple use from your effort. For example, after you create an estimate, Goldenseal uses the project specs to create all of the following, automatically:

  • material takeoff lists (bills of materials)
  • project schedules
  • spec sheets or contracts
  • time and materials bills
  • "estimated vs actual" job costs

User Support

Goldenseal comes with printed Getting Started manuals for the estimating and accounting features. To download a copy of the manuals, click here.

Goldenseal also includes a reference manual on the CD. To see the reference manual online, click here.

We provide lifetime free support for all our programs. You can call our support line (607 220-4514) during office hours (M-F, 9 am to 6 pm EST) or e-mail to

Turtle Creek also offers training classes for current and prospective users.

Upgrades and Updates

We usually update Goldenseal once or twice a year. Each update fixes any reported bugs, increases reliability and adds new features.

When you purchase Goldenseal, we'll give you unlimited downloading of new versions for one year. After that, you can purchase unlimited update downloads for $60 per year.

You can upgrade from single-user Goldenseal to multi-user for the difference in cost.

System Requirements- Macintosh

Goldenseal runs on any Macintosh computer with System 7 or newer. It includes one version for System 7 to 9, and another version for Mac OS X (both are included on the CD).

System Requirements- Windows

Goldenseal runs on any Windows PC with Windows 98 or newer (including Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8.x and Windows 10).

Goldenseal requires QuickTime. If you don't already have QuickTime on your computer, you can download Quicktime Player for free (type "download Quicktime for Windows" into your browser search bar).

Cross-Platform Features

Goldenseal files are binary compatible between Mac and Windows. That means you can use the same files on either platform, or use both Mac and Windows machines with the multi-user version.

Estimating Software

Goldenseal creates fast, accurate cost estimates for any type of project. It includes "smart dimensions" which convert simple measurements into actual purchase quantities-- so you don't have to think so hard when you do your cost estimating.

Goldenseal includes over 2000 construction unit costs, based on our experience as Turtle Creek Construction. With them you can do fast, accurate construction estimating for residential and light commercial work.

The specialty versions of Goldenseal include unit costs for painting, drywall work and other industries.

For more about our estimating software features, click here.

Job Cost Accounting Software

Goldenseal is a complete small business accounting program that is very good at tracking job costs. You can identify expenses by cost category and by project, and also by individual locations within a project.

Goldenseal is designed specifically for job costing. It lets you include payroll "burden" in your labor costs, and it gives you quick "estimated versus actual" reports for each project, so you can see how well the job is doing as soon as you start work on it.

Goldenseal also handles accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, inventory and general accounting.

Project Management Software

Goldenseal is project scheduling software that gives you a simple "time line" schedule in each estimate, so you'll know "when" as well as "how much".

It also writes spec sheets and contracts for clients, suppliers or subcontractors, and it gives you a bill of materials that tells you just what materials you'll need for each step of the job.

Goldenseal also tracks allowances, change orders, paperwork, problems, project events, retainage and subcontractor insurance for each project that you do.

For more about project management features, click here.

Business Management Software

Goldenseal is business management software-- it includes a database of customers and prospects, with contact information, "how did you hear about us" details and other useful info.

Click a button and you can see past phone calls, appointments and sales for each customer or prospect. Use the Print Forms command to print mailing labels, envelopes or other forms for any group of customers or prospects.

Goldenseal also helps you to keep track of appointments, calls, company policies, problems, to-do lists and vendors.

For more about Goldenseal's business management tools, click here

Rental Management Software

Goldenseal helps you to manage rental properties-- whether it's your primary business or a sideline. It keeps track of all of the following:

  • Leases
  • Tenant information
  • Deposits and prepaid rent
  • Rent Payments
  • Expenses for each property
  • Repair cost estimates and management

For more about rental property management, click here.

Sales and Services Software

Goldenseal handles wholesale and retail sales for phone orders, Internet sales and other locations that don't need a full point-of-sale system. It also works well for service businesses.

Goldenseal automatically computes retail prices, tracks inventory quantities, and creates sales receipts and customer bills.


Getting Starting with Goldenseal Manual

Goldenseal Reference Manual

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