Property Management Software

Goldenseal is property management software that is designed specifically for managers and owners of any type of rental property. It includes rent tracking, tenant relations, cost accounting and repair cost estimates.

Tenant, Property & Rental Unit Tracking

The Goldenseal rental management software tracks expenses and income for each property that you own or manage. Within each property you can have any number of rental units, each with its own rent and payment terms.

Goldenseal also tracks details for each tenant and prospective tenant.

Lease Tracking Software

Goldenseal is rental property software that tracks the lease on each rental unit. Leases can include deposits, key deposits, pre-paid rent, payment terms and other details. You can enter month-to-month leases, or leases with a fixed term.

Goldenseal shows you the current status of each rental unit, and warns you if you accidentally create overlapping tenant leases.

Use the Billing command to quickly create rental bills and statements. Goldenseal automatically handles deposits, pre-paid rent, and deposit returns.

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Expense Accounting Software

The Goldenseal property management software tracks expenses and income for each property, so you know how well each one is doing. It handles expense tracking, accounts payable, accounts receivable, check writing and payroll.

Goldenseal is also construction accounting software that manages costs for repairs and new construction.

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Tenant Relations Software

Goldenseal is rental management software that automatically tracks contact information and other details for your tenants and prospective tenants.

You can log in phone calls and other contacts, and then see in an instant the past history of each caller.

Goldenseal also includes a To Do List, and a Problem Log that helps you to track the progress of repairs and solutions to other problems.

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Repairs and Construction Management Software

Goldenseal includes a complete construction management system that will help you to manage repairs, additions or new construction, from start to finish.

Goldenseal creates planning estimates for repairs, additions or new construction. It includes "smart dimensions" and 2000 construction unit costs, so you can start estimating immediately.

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Goldenseal is also bidding software that tracks competitive construction bids from suppliers or subcontractors.

Goldenseal also includes project accounting software that tracks project costs, purchase and work orders, and employee time spent on construction and other projects.

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