Goldenseal for Insurance Repairs

Goldenseal is integrated software for insurance repair businesses-- it creates "room by room" cost estimates, and handles accounting, payroll, billing and other business functions.

Goldenseal will also help insurance adjusters to create estimates for insurance repairs.

HINT-- Goldenseal is also easily adapted for other types of repairs. We have users who create estimates for auto repairs, furniture repairs and other types of rehabs and repairs.

Insurance Repair Estimating Software

Goldenseal is repair estimating software that provides quick and accurate estimates for insurance repairs. You can go through "room by room" and estimate exactly what needs to be done for any type of damage. 

The Goldenseal repair estimate software includes over 2000 unit costs that cover the complete range of building cost estimating for construction, remodeling and home repairs. You can easily adjust any of the unit costs, or add new items.

Goldenseal estimates show you the material costs and labor costs for each item. You can also see a breakdown by room or by cost category-- either print it with the Print Forms command, or use one of the Reports to see a complete breakdown.

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Room by Room Cost Tracking

Goldenseal lets you track all costs by location, so you can identify exact costs for each room as you work on them. For progress payments you can bill for completion on each cost category, each room or each item of work that you're doing.

Goldenseal includes specialized billing for draw schedules, progress payments and time-and-materials work. It also handles allowances, change orders and "hold back" (also called retainage or retention).

Material Takeoffs and Schedules

Goldenseal takes each estimate and turns it into a material purchase list. You can get a list of all materials for the whole project, or just for items during a date range. Goldenseal shows you an overall list for all work, and it also gives you itemized breakdowns for each construction item.

Goldenseal also gives you a tool list and a simple project schedule, so you'll be able to manage your projects more effectively.

Job Cost Accounting

Goldenseal is accounting software that is designed specifically for insurance repairs and other construction businesses. It includes detailed tracking of job costs for equipment, labor, materials, subcontractors and other expenses for each project and for your overhead costs.

Goldenseal is also general accounting software which handles expense tracking, check writing, project billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll.

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Insurance Repair Contracts and Specs

Goldenseal is construction specification software which lets you turn an estimate into a detailed spec sheet with the click of a button.  You can use the specs as a simple project "scope of work", or you can use a Contract Package to add a set of "boilerplate" clauses which will turn the specs into a complete set of construction contracts and subcontracts for the project.

If you have an insurance repair business, you can create a detailed set of project specs for the property owner or insurance company. Since the specs are based on the project estimate, you'll automatically be paid for every item in the contract.

If you are an adjuster or estimator, Goldenseal's specs will give you a clear description of necessary repairs that you can give to bidders, property owners and other interested parties.

Insurance Repair Project Management

Goldenseal helps you to manage projects.  It handles appointments, change orders, inspections, punch lists, work orders and to-do lists.

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Material Takeoffs

Cost Accounting

Spec Writing

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