Goldenseal Project Management Software

Goldenseal is integrated project management software which helps you to effectively manage each project from start to finish. It handles bids, project billing, change orders, project paperwork and many other details for each project.

Goldenseal is also scheduling software which gives you a simple "time line" schedule within each estimate, so you'll know "when" as well as "how much".

Goldenseal also includes contract writing software that writes project specifications and project contracts for clients, suppliers or subcontractors. It automatically creates project specifications for each item that you include in your estimates.

The Goldenseal project management software also give you an automatic material takeoff list, and it tracks allowance and change order progress, transmittals, project events, retainage and subcontractor insurance for each project.

Bid Tracking Software

Goldenseal is bid management software which keeps track of competitive bidding from suppliers and subcontractors. It tracks the current status of each bid, and automatically updates the project estimate as you receive final bids.

You can also use Goldenseal to track purchase orders and work orders from vendors and subcontractors.

Project Billing Software

Goldenseal includes three types of project billing:

  • Draw Schedules-- for payments of fixed amounts at different project milestones
  • Progress Payments-- for payments based on the percentage of work completed in each cost category, location or individual cost item.
  • Time and Materials-- for payments based on actual costs. Goldenseal gives you several ways to add markup or a management fee to the costs.

Each type of project bill gives you an itemized statement that you can give to your clients. It covers the exact amount due for each stage of the project.

You can also bill separately for allowances and change orders.

Change Orders

Use change orders when you need to make changes to a project that you're billing with a draw schedule or progress payments.

The change order document ensures that you'll be paid for extra work.

Goldenseal includes special billing for change orders-- you can handle them with a fixed price, or as time and materials.

Problem Log (Punch List)

Goldenseal's Problem Log is a punch list, defect list or bug list that helps you to track problems that need to be solved. You can mark off completion as you finish each item, and see at a glance the current status for each task.

Use the Find command or the Report feature to put together a list of punch list tasks. You can print several types of lists-- for example, you can see all punch list items for a project, or all unfinished tasks for the employee or subcontractor who is finishing the items.

The Problem Log is a very good way to track completion of fixes for defects that have turned up during inspections.

Project Scheduling Software

Goldenseal includes simple project scheduling software that shows a "time line" project schedule within each estimate, so you'll know "when" as well as "how much".

The Goldenseal scheduling software automatically calculates the duration of each item by getting the total labor hours from the Assembly, adjusted for the quantity and crew size. Goldenseal fits the project schedule within normal working hours, and automatically skips holidays.

Goldenseal uses the schedule dates when you make a material takeoff order-- so you can include just the items that you need right now.

For more about Goldenseal scheduling, click here.


Use allowances when you need to give a firm price quote on items that don't have exact specifications.

When you do allowance billing, you'll charge for the difference between actual costs and the original allowance.

To Do List

Use the To Do List to track anything that you need to remember to do. You can mark off completion as you finish items, and see at a glance the current status for each task.

Equipment Tracking

Goldenseal is equipment tracking software which helps you to manage your vehicles, tools, machinery and equipment.

Set up Equipment accounts for each of your vehicles and large pieces of equipment. You can then enter Equipment Hours records to track their usage, and regular expense transactions to track equipment maintenance costs. You can record the time used, the billing cost, the project it was used on and the employee who used the equipment.

Goldenseal automatically includes Equipment Hours in job costs and in time and materials billing.

Other Project Management Features

Goldenseal includes tools for general project tracking- including a project log for recording project events, and inspection records for checklist inspections at project milestones.

Goldenseal also includes the following general features that will also help with project management:

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