Customer Billing Software

Goldenseal is small business billing software that creates customer invoices and tracks accounts receivable. It handles invoicing for customer sales, project work (draw schedules, progress payments and time and materials) and property rentals.

Goldenseal generates invoices and billing statements, and gives you several types of reports on your accounts receivable status.

The complete version of Goldenseal also includes general accounting, project management and business management. Goldenseal is available for Macintosh and Windows computers (you can mix both platforms in the multi-user version). Click here for software pricing.

Creating Bills

When you provide goods or services, start with one of the following income transactions:

  • For simple goods and services, enter a Sales transaction
  • For a larger amount of work that will take a while to complete, set up a Project account
  • For rental units, create a Lease (or enter Rental Transactions for short term rentals)

To make bills, choose Billing from the Bank menu, and choose a billing type from the submenu. Goldenseal handles the following types of billing:

Sales Bills

When you select Sales billing, you'll see a list of customers with unpaid sales.

It's a quick way to check the current status of your receivables.

Double-click on a customer, and you'll see the specific unpaid sales for them. You can enter finance charges and other adjustments, and select just some items to bill now. Click OK or Cancel to return to the main window.

Click Create Bills, and Goldenseal automatically creates Billing Records for the selected customers. You can use the Print Forms command to print billing statements to send to each customer.

Goldenseal also offers other tools to help with customer tracking-- including Customer Records that allow you to print envelopes, mailing labels and form letters, Appointment records, and a Contact Log for recording phone calls.

Project Bills

Goldenseal is project billing software which makes it easy to bill for construction projects or other work that requires more than one bill over the lifetime of a project.

Goldenseal includes three types of project bills:

For example, when you select Draw Schedule billing, you'll see a list of projects that use that billing type.

Double-click on a line, and you'll see the draw schedule steps or phases for that project.

Enter the percentage completion for each step, then click OK, and Goldenseal will automatically calculate the amount to bill now.

Click the Create Bills button, and Goldenseal automatically creates billing records which you can print and send out to customers.

Use the Deposit Funds command to check unpaid bills, and to deposit payments as they come in.

Draw Schedule Billing

Use Draw Schedules for projects that have a fixed set of payments at different stages of completion. A draw schedule works well for projects that have specific "milestones" of completion.

To see more about draw schedules in the reference manual, click here.

Progress Payment Billing

Use progress payment billing for project bills that use the percentage completion on each cost category, cost location or cost item.

To see more about progress payments in the reference manual, click here.

Time and Materials Billing

Use time and materials billing for projects based on actual costs (usually with an additional markup or management fee).

To see more about time and materials billing in the reference manual, click here.

Change Orders

Use Change Orders to bill for changes to a project.

To see more about change orders in the reference manual, click here.


Use Allowances for project items that don't have firm specifications when you create an estimate. You'll include a fixed amount in the project, and then track actual costs for the allowance, and bill for the difference when you finish it.

To see more about allowances in the reference manual, click here.


Goldenseal automatically deducts retainage (sometimes called "hold-back") from project bills that include it in the payment terms. When work is completed you'll bill separately for the retainage balance.

Rental Bills

Goldenseal automatically bills for rent payments-- including deposits, prepaid rent, and the return of deposits. You can also bill for late charges and miscellaneous charges such as for damages.

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