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Goldenseal is project management, accounting and business management software for software developers and other small businesses in high-tech fields. In fact we use it every day to manage our projects and run our business functions, here at Turtle Creek Software.

Business Accounting Software

Goldenseal is small business accounting software that helps you to track expenses and income, so you know how well you are doing on each project. It handles job costs, check writing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and inventory.

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Time Tracking & Time Billing Software

Goldenseal makes it easy to log in employee and owner time, for payroll, time billing and job costs. You can allocate time to any project or to overhead.

When you enter work for a billable project, Goldenseal automatically includes it in time-and-materials billing, using whatever billing rates and markup that you choose. You can use separate rates for payroll and for job costs.

Goldenseal also lets you create bills using draw schedules, progress payments and time-and-materials work. It also handles change orders.

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Sales Tracking Software

If you sell a retail product, Goldenseal includes sales transactions that handle the items you sell. Goldenseal automatically calculates reseller discounts and shipping charges. It keeps track of inventory, and it handles accounts receivable.

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Business Management Software

Goldenseal is business management software-- it includes a database of customers and prospects, with contact information, "how did you hear about us" details and other useful info.

Click a button and you can see past phone calls, appointments and sales for each customer or prospect. Use the Print Forms command to print mailing labels, envelopes or other forms for any group of customers or prospects.

Goldenseal also helps you to keep track of appointments, calls, company policies, problems, to-do lists and vendors.

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Project Management Software

Goldenseal helps you to manage your development projects. It gives you cost estimates of project times, and project schedules that tell you when you'll finish each phase.

Goldenseal also includes contract writing that will help you to create and manage contracts with subcontractors and clients.

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Bug Tracking Software

The Goldenseal software includes a Problem Log which lets you enter bugs, and track their completion and testing.

With the multi-user version of Goldenseal, all employees can sign on and check the progress on bug reports and bug fixes.

Yes, we use Goldenseal for tracking bugs in Goldenseal!