Goldenseal Business Management Software

Goldenseal is business management software that helps you to run your marketing efforts and your day to day business. It lets you manage most aspects of your small business within a single computer software program.

All of the Goldenseal business management features use a consistent interface. Once you've learned one part of Goldenseal, it is very easy to start using additional items.

Lead Tracking Software

Goldenseal is lead management software that lets you log in basic information about potential buyers or clients. Just choose Prospects from the Income menu, click the New button, and enter details for that person or business.

The Goldenseal lead tracking program keeps a record of name, address, phone numbers, email and other contact info. You can enter the way each person heard about you, which gives you good feedback on the success of your marketing efforts. You can also enter an employee as sales rep (Goldenseal will automatically give them a commission on sales from this customer).

Goldenseal makes it easy to print mailing labels, envelopes and calling sheets, so you can quickly send marketing materials to each prospect. Just use the Find command to locate a group of prospects, and then choose Print Forms from the File menu.

When a prospect calls you, click the View Contact Log button to see a record of all past calls with them. That way you'll know more about them, and can better handle the call.

When a prospect is ready to buy from you, click the Convert To Customer button, and Goldenseal will set up a customer account for them automatically.

HINT-- When you call us at Turtle Creek, we'll enter you into our copy of Goldenseal!

Goldenseal also includes a separate Address Book, where you can store contact info for people who aren't prospects.

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Goldenseal is customer relationship software which helps you to stay in touch with your current customers and clients. It keeps a permanent record of each customer, with "hot buttons" that quickly link you to contacts, sales and other items. You can also click a button to enter a new sale or log in a phone call from them.

The Goldenseal customer relations software prints mailing labels and envelopes for each client-- just use the Find command to locate a group of clients, then choose Printed Forms from the File menu. You can also create custom printed forms for other types of marketing.

The Goldenseal customer management system easily exports any data as a text file, so you can link it with other programs to send mail merge documents or e-mails.

Business Records

Goldenseal keeps a permanent record of all your business transactions. It is able to handle billions of records, so you don't need to "close out" the file at the end of each year. That way you can refer back to any prior transactions whenever you need them.

Because we use an efficient "object database", Goldenseal is able to locate past records much more quickly than other accounting programs-- even when you have many thousands of records. You spent all that time entering data, so why not use it to run your business more smoothly?

Goldenseal includes a versatile Find command which helps you to find any type of past records very quickly. You can find records that match the contents of any data field, and also do more complex finds with the Omit, Find Within, Find Also, Find Duplicates and Skip commands.

For example, you can see all of your customers in a specific zip code within seconds, and then sort them into order of descending sales amount so your most important customers are at the front.

You can view data in compact form with the Reports menu commands-- it lets you see your data in just about any format. Goldenseal includes over 100 stock reports. You can use the Custom Layouts command to change any existing reports and create new ones.

When you have many thousands of records, you can even set up a custom index for any fields, so finds will happen much more quickly.

Vendor Management

Goldenseal stores contact information for all of your suppliers, subcontractors, employees, bank accounts, and anyone else that you do business with. It also keeps track of early payment discounts, payment terms and current pricing on the items that you purchase from each vendor.

Goldenseal shows useful information for each account-- such as the current balance and amounts paid "on account". You can use the Find command to quickly locate vendors, and click a button to quickly see all transactions with that account.

Appointment Software

Goldenseal is appointment software which keeps a record of appointments and reminds you about them in advance. You can use the scheduler software for client meetings or for any other reminders. Appointment records also give you a permanent record of all your past meetings.

If you use the multi-user version, Goldenseal will remind each employee individually about their appointments.

Contact Management

Goldenseal is contact management software- you can use it to keep track of phone calls, letters, emails and other contacts with customers, prospects and other businesses.

The Contact Log gives you a permanent record of client communications, which will help jog your memory when they call in the future. It's also a useful record to have in the event of lawsuits or disputes.

Information Management

Goldenseal includes a Info Log which lets you store useful information of any kind. You can use it for instructions, "how to" information, job descriptions, or anything else that you'd like to make available for all employees.

HINT-- At Turtle Creek, we use the Info Log as our "tech answers" database, so we can give quicker tech support.

The Goldenseal business program also includes Policies & Procedures records for formal company policies and standard procedures.

HINT-- At Turtle Creek, we use Policies & Procedures records for shipping instructions and other business details. It helps get new employees up to speed more quickly, and it saves time for experienced employees too.

Bug Tracking & Defect Tracking

Goldenseal is bug tracking software that includes a Problem Log where you can track bugs, defects or problems of any kind. As you solve each problem, you can change its status and track its completion. You can also create reports that list the unfinished problems for a project, or the unfinished problems that need the attention of a specific employee or subcontractor.

The Problem Log is very helpful for "punch list" or "bug list" management-- it will help you to finish your projects more efficiently and with fewer lingering problems.

Goldenseal also includes Inspection records for "checklist" inspections at project milestones. You can set up a template for your standard inspections, and then fill out a copy when it's time to inspect. The inspection records let you log in completion for each unfinished task.

Document Tracking Software

Goldenseal is document tracking software that makes it easy to keep track of incoming and outgoing paperwork (sometimes known as transmittals).

Instead of using old-fashioned "category" filing, you can record each paperwork item in a Document Log record, and then file them sequentially by document number.

Later on you can use the Find command to locate the document record in Goldenseal, and then quickly locate the actual document by number. It's much faster than trying to find the appropriate place to put each paperwork item when you receive it, and also much faster than trying to remember where in the heck you filed it when you need something later.

To Do List

Goldenseal includes a simple To Do List which tracks progress on any type of unfinished work.

As you get around to each item, you can change its status and track completion. You can also create reports that list the unfinished items for a project, or the unfinished items that need the attention of each employee or subcontractor.

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