Contracts & Spec Writing Software

Goldenseal is contract writing software that automatically creates spec sheets, contracts and subcontracts. It uses the details in your estimates and change order records to write "scope of work" specifications, so you can be sure that your contracts describe the work that you actually plan to do.

Our contract writing features work well for construction contractors, property managers, architects, and any other business that needs to create and manage large numbers of contracts.

Project Contracts

Goldenseal includes Contract records to track each legal document. Click the Write Contract button, and Goldenseal will create a text document that you can use as a complete project contract.

Goldenseal "builds" each contract from three types of information:

  • The text you type into the Contract record.
  • "Boilerplate" legal language from a library of contract clauses.
  • Detailed "scope of work" descriptions that Goldenseal creates automatically from the estimate.

The Goldenseal specification software uses "smart" text processing to fill in project info such as the price, start date and deposit amount. It also includes quantity and price specifications for each line item in the Scope of Work. Goldenseal even handles singular and plural quantities properly, so your contracts will be grammatical and complete.

Use the contract writing features in Goldenseal to create construction contracts, subcontracts, detailed construction specifications, and any other types of legal documents.

You can open each Goldenseal contract text with any word processor, and print it from there. You can also print simple contracts directly from Goldenseal.


The Goldenseal specs writing software creates subcontracts for any subcontractors who do work for you.

You can specify which type of subcontractor does the work on each unit cost that you include in your projects, so Goldenseal subcontracts will automatically include the correct items that belongs to each subcontractor.

Goldenseal subcontracts include specifications for just those items that will be done by that subcontractor.

Contract Clauses

The Goldenseal specifications comes with a "library" of simple Contract Clauses that we used in Turtle Creek Construction. You can use any of these clauses, change them, or add more.

You can also use Contract Packages to determine which clauses you'll use in each type of contract. For example, you can include "hidden conditions" clauses in remodeling contracts, and leave them out of new construction contracts.

Scope of Work

The Goldenseal specifications software includes a "library" of simple descriptive contract clauses for each unit cost that you'll include in your estimates. It stores them as part of each Cost Item and Assembly record.

When you write a contract, the Goldenseal specs software includes a "scope of work" section that includes a sentence or two about each item in the estimate. That way your project specs will match up exactly with the items you've included in your bids.

Document Management

Goldenseal is document management software that helps you to control paperwork of any kind (sometimes called transmittals). It includes a Document Log which can dramatically reduce the time it takes to file and retrieve each document.

To use Goldenseal's document tracking feature, enter a brief description into the Document Log when you receive an item that you want to file-- and then store the actual paperwork by its sequential tracking number, instead of trying to find the right category under which to file it.

When you need to locate a document, use the Find command in the Document Log. The Goldenseal document control system lets you search by source, keyword, date, or any other field. When you find the document record, it's easy to locate the actual document by its record number.

Goldenseal also includes project management features that will help you with specific documents such as change orders, purchase orders and work orders.

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