Goldenseal Contractor Software

Goldenseal is "one stop" contractor software-- it includes everything you need to run the business end of your construction contracting business (it also works for home builders and remodelers).

The Goldenseal general contractor software is an integrated package that includes construction estimating, job cost accounting, contract writing and project management. It is designed for small to medium-sized contracting businesses with 1 to 50 employees.

Goldenseal includes all of the following:

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Contractor Accounting Software

Goldenseal is contractor accounting software that helps you to track expenses and income in your business. It tracks job costs, and handles your general bookkeeping.

The Goldenseal construction program helps you to get a handle on your building costs, so you can see where you are making money and where you aren't. It's one of the best construction programs for small contractors who need to track job costs.

Goldenseal handles all of your accounting needs-- accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, job costing, payroll and project billing. It gives you financial statements and a wide variety of reports.

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Contractor Billing Software

The Goldenseal contractor software includes specialized billing for draw schedules, progress payments and time-and-materials work. It also handles allowances, change orders and retainage.

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Contractor Estimating Software

Goldenseal is contractor estimating software that gives you a quick and accurate building cost estimate for residential and light commercial construction projects.

The Goldenseal contractor estimation software includes "smart dimensions" which make it easy to set up building cost estimates. Enter a few simple numbers, and Goldenseal uses them to calculate more complex quantities. It makes quick work for any contractor estimate.

The Goldenseal contractor bidding software lets you make "whole project" estimates for new construction and additions, and "room by room" estimates for remodeling. It tracks subcontactor bids and calculates a final project price.

If you want to use unit costs for your project estimating, Goldenseal includes over 2000 cost items and assemblies that cover the complete range of construction. You can easily change components in any of the assemblies, and it's easy to create more cost items (usually you can just duplicate something that is already there).

You can also enter allowances, purchase orders and work orders, plus "soft costs" like contingencies, cost escalation, risk allowances, overhead and profit.

Goldenseal also gives you material takeoffs and a simple project schedule, and it provides specifications for the contract writing feature. It even updates prices automatically when supplier prices change.

Over 4,000 construction contractors are currently using our contractor estimates software for their construction estimation. They've increased their profits by creating accurate bids more quickly.

Goldenseal keeps a permanent database of every construction estimate that you create, so you can quickly find the details of any past job when making a rough estimate based on historical data.

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Bid Tracking Software

The Goldenseal construction cost estimator software helps you track competitive bids from your subcontractors. Just enter each bid request that you send out, and then use the Status field to track progress as you receive each bid.

You can start with an approximate price, and then replace it with firm bids as you receive them. When a bid changes, Goldenseal automatically updates its cost in the project estimate.

Contractor Scheduling Software

Goldenseal is simple contractor scheduling software that tells you when you can finish each job, so you can tell clients "how long" as well as "how much". .

It calculates the completion date of each item in an estimate, based on the person-hours that are included in the assembly, and the crew size you use for that work.

Goldenseal calculates each schedule based on your actual working hours. You can add delays of any kind, and you can change the actual start date of any step in the schedule (Goldenseal will automatically adjust the dates for all subsequent items).

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Contracts and Spec Writing

Goldenseal keeps track of contracts with your customers and subcontractors. It also writes contracts for you, by automatically converting your estimates into construction specifications. It does that by looking up a description for each unit cost, and then using text substitutions to fill in prices and quantities for each item.

You can use Goldenseal's construction specs as a simple project "scope of work", or you can combine them with additional clauses to create a complete set of contracts and construction subcontracts for the project.

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Contractor Management Software

Goldenseal is construction management software that handles allowances, change orders, project logs, punch lists and transmittals. It also does project billing, scheduling and construction cost tracking as part of its construction management features. You can also do "checklist" inspections and track completion on any problems that you find.

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Subcontractor Insurance Tracking

The Goldenseal contractor program also tracks insurance expiration for subcontractors. You have the option to not pay subcontractors with expired insurance, to pay them anyhow, or to pay them with a percentage deduction.

Contractor Equipment Tracking Software

Goldenseal keeps track of your equipment-- the jobs it is used on, and the person using it. Just choose Equipment Hours from the Costs menu, click the New button, and enter the equipment item and how it was used. When you save the record, Goldenseal automatically posts to job costs and to billable time for time and materials work, allowances or change orders.

You can also enter equipment maintenance costs the same way you enter regular project expenses, and then use the Job Costs command to see a "snapshot" of expenses for each piece of equipment.

Contractor Business Management Software

Goldenseal is contractor business management software-- it includes a database of customers and prospects, with contact information, "how did you hear about us" details and other useful info.

Click a button and you can see past phone calls, appointments and sales for each customer or prospect. Use the Print Forms command to print mailing labels, envelopes or other forms for any group of customers or prospects.

Goldenseal also helps you to keep track of appointments, calls, company policies, problems, to-do lists and vendors.

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