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What is Goldenseal?

Goldenseal is construction software that can help any type of construction business. It's an integrated program that does construction estimating, job costs, project accounting, construction project management and general business management.

Goldenseal includes "smart dimensions" and unit costs for general construction and for specific construction specialties.

Who can Use it?

The Goldenseal software works well for any of the following types of construction:

What Does it Do?

Goldenseal is "run your construction business" software. It does all the following (and more!):

Accounting (A/P, A/R, Check Writing, Financial Reports, Inventory, Job Costs, Payroll, Project Billing)
Cost Estimating (Assemblies, Unit Costs)
Project Management (Change Orders, Contract Writing, Material Takeoffs, Punch Lists, Schedules)
Business Management (Appointments, Customer Relations, Leads, Property Management, Sales)

How Much Does it Cost?

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Comes on CD with two printed manuals. There is also a reference manual on the CD.

Goldenseal includes free telephone and email support for as often and as long as you need it.

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More about Goldenseal for Construction

Goldenseal is integrated software that will help run many parts of your construction business. It includes estimating, accounting, project management and general business management tools.

Construction Estimating Software

Goldenseal is construction estimating software that is designed for the rigors of construction estimation.

Goldenseal uses "smart dimensions"-- you can enter a few simple measurements such as wall lengths, floor areas and ceiling heights, and it will calculate more complex measurements such as drywall area and baseboard length.

The Goldenseal software includes over 2000 construction unit costs and assemblies for the most common types of construction. It also starts out with several templates for typical types of construction projects.

Goldenseal lets you add markup to each line item in an estimate, plus itemized line items for overhead, profit and other "soft costs".

For more about Goldenseal construction estimating software, click here.

Construction Accounting Software

Goldenseal is construction accounting software-- with accurate job cost tracking, project billing, and all the small business accounting features that you'll need to run your construction business.

Goldenseal handles many situations that are specific to construction-- including subcontractor insurance tracking, retainage, change orders and worker's comp rates that is based on the type of work done.

For more about the Goldenseal construction accounting software, click here.

Construction Project Management Software

Goldenseal is construction project management software-- it helps you to manage many day to day items in construction projects.

It includes a simple "time line" construction schedule in each estimate that tell you when you'll start each task.

The Goldenseal software also writes construction specifications and contracts for clients, suppliers or subcontractors. It creates project specs automatically from the unit costs and assemblies that you include in each job.

Goldenseal also gives you a material takeoff list that tells you just what materials you'll need for each step of the project.

Goldenseal also handles allowances, change orders, equipment time, paperwork, problems, project events, punch lists, retainage, subcontractor insurance and transmittals.

For more about Goldenseal's construction project management features, click here.

Construction Business Management Software

Goldenseal helps you with many general business functions in a friendly, integrated environment.

The Goldenseal business software handles appointments, company policies, customer records, document management, lead tracking, marketing contacts, phone calls, problem and bug lists, to-do lists and vendor records.

For more about Goldenseal's business management software features, click here.