Home Inspection Software

Goldenseal is home inspection software that is designed for estimators, home inspectors, insurance adjusters, housing rehab specialists, and others who need to do "check list" inspections or give a quick estimate of construction costs. Goldenseal helps you to handle the business side of your home inspecting business.

Goldenseal includes all of the following:

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Goldenseal includes Inspection records-- they are a checklist of inspection items where you can log in site conditions, problems, and follow-up for each item.

Set up your standard list of inspection items and turn it into a template. You can then make copies of it for each inspection you do, and "fill in the blanks" for each building you inspect.

If you are a home inspection business, use the Print Forms command to print inspections for your clients. If you manage projects, you can track completion on any problem items.

Home Repair Estimating Software

Goldenseal is project cost software that provides quick and accurate construction cost estimates for home repairs. You can go through "room by room" when you do house inspections, and estimate exactly what needs to be done for any type of damage. You can also prepare a "whole house" estimate for additions, gut/rehab work or major improvements.

The Goldenseal home repair estimator software includes over 2000 unit costs that cover the complete range of construction. It will help you to create a fast and accurate repair estimate for any type of work. You can change any costs to match your local conditions, or add any number of new items.

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Business Management Tools

Goldenseal includes permanent records for each of your customers and prospects, with address information, "how did you hear about us" sources and other helpful data.

Click a button and you can see all of the phone calls, appointments and sales for each home inspection client or prospect. Or use the Find command to locate one record or a group of records. Once you've entered info into Goldenseal you'll always be able to see it in the future.

If you want to use Goldenseal to manage your marketing efforts, you can use the Print Forms command to print mailing labels, envelopes or form letters for any group of clients or prospects.

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Home Inspection Cost Accounting

Goldenseal is home inspector accounting software that helps you to track expenses and income, so you know how well your home inspection business is doing. It includes check writing, customer billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, expense tracking and payroll.

You can use Goldenseal to manage your own business, or keep accounts for construction and repair projects that you manage for your clients.

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Home Inspection Schedules and Spec Writing

Goldenseal estimates automatically include a simple time schedule, so you can give your clients an estimate of project duration, as well as its cost.

Goldenseal is also construction specification writing software which creates a detailed spec sheet with the click of a button.  After you finish your inspections, you can use specs as a simple project "scope of work" for the repairs, or you can combine them with additional clauses to create a complete set of home repair contracts and subcontracts for the project. This gives you an additional service that you can provide to your home inspection clients.

Time Management Tools

Goldenseal helps you to manage your time.  It handles appointments, punch lists and to-do lists, and it gives you a project log for each job, where you can log in any project activities. You can also use the Goldenseal employer software to write payroll and track your employee's time.

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