Drywall, Plaster & Stucco Software

Goldenseal is estimating software, accounting software and business management software for drywall contractors, plasterers and stucco installers.

  • The basic version estimates your jobs and manages your projects.
  • The full version has all t he features of the basic version, plus job costing, general accounting, project billing and payroll. Click here for software pricing.

Job Cost Accounting

The Goldenseal drywall software keeps your books and helps you to track expenses and income, so you know how well you are doing on each project. It It handles job costing, expense tracking, check writing, project billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll.

Goldenseal is complete business management software that will help you to run all parts of your drywall contracting business.

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Simple Project Billing

Goldenseal includes drywall project billing-- you can use draw schedules, progress payments or time-and-materials. The program also handles allowances, change orders and retainage (also called retention or hold-backs).

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Drywall Estimating Software

Goldenseal is drywall estimation software that provides quick and accurate estimates for residential and light commercial wallboard hanging and taping.  It includes "smart dimensions" which let you enter a few simple measurements, and get quick installation quantities for estimating wallboard and other materials.

You can make "whole project" drywall estimates for new construction and additions, and "room by room" estimates for remodeling.  Goldenseal includes over 1000 unit costs for estimating sheetrock, stucco and plaster work..

Goldenseal calculates labor and material costs for gypsum wallboard, joint taping, textures, plaster work and stucco, and it also includes unit costs for setup, cleanup and unusual conditions. There are also a few framing costs in the drywall estimator (if you do a lot of framing work, you can import more items from the framing starter file).

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Stucco and Plaster Estimating Software

Goldenseal includes unit costs for stucco estimating and plaster estimating (you can find them in the drywall starter file, which is on the program CD, or on our downloads page.

For smaller projects you can just fill in quantites for each type of work that you do. Goldenseal's assemblies automatically include material and labor costs. After you've prepared an estimate, you can also get a project schedule and a bill of materials.

For larger projects, you can enter a few simple measurments, and Goldenseal will calculate finishing quantities automatically.

Material Takeoffs

Goldenseal takes each estimate and turns it into a material purchase list for drywall, stucco and plaster materials. You can get a list of all materials for the whole project, or just the items you need during a date range. Goldenseal shows you an overall list for all work, and it also gives you itemized breakdowns for each construction item.

Project Management Tools

Goldenseal helps you to manage your projects.  It handles appointments, allowances, change orders and punch lists.

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Inventory Tracking

Goldenseal tracks your inventory of drywall, taping, plaster and stucco supplies. When you purchase items, Goldenseal automatically adds them to your stock. You can sell items from inventory directly, or consume them in projects.

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Equipment Tracking

Goldenseal keeps track of each piece of equipment-- the jobs it is used on, and the person using it. Equipment time is also posted automatically to job costs and time-and-materials billing.

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