Project Management & Job Cost Topics

This section covers special topics for Goldenseal project management software, project billing software and and job costing software.

Entering Expenses for Change Orders

Contract Writing
Allowances, Bids and Change Orders-- Creating Contracts For
Troubleshooting Guide

Job Cost Posting
A cost transaction is not posting!
Some job cost numbers don't match between different job cost reports!

Job Cost Reports
How do I see an estimated versus actual job cost report?
Sales Tax-- included in expenses vs itemized separately

Material Takeoffs
Why are there two quantities on the Bill of Materials reports?

Project Billing
Accounts Receivable-- where does Goldenseal show how much the customer owes for a project?
Deposits or down payments-- on project billing
Project Billing-- Hints & Suggestions
Project Billing-- how do I give a credit or refund?
Project Billing-- more detailed descriptions.
Project Billing-- which type of billing should I use?
Time & Materials Billing-- how do I give a credit or refund?
Time & Materials Billing-- markup
Time & Materials Billing-- sales tax
Time & Materials billing-- Troubleshooting Guide

Project Management
Can I get a project punch list for one employee or one subcontractor?
Can I keep a to do list in Goldenseal?
Can I manage inspections more easily?
Can I see quantities for items on my time & materials bills?
How do I use Policies & Procedures?

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