Goldenseal Reference Manual

Welcome to the Goldenseal Reference Manual!  This is a complete guide to all features in the Goldenseal accounting software, project management software and estimating software.

Use it along with the printed Getting Started Manual, which shows you how to use Goldenseal's basic features, step by step.

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GETTING STARTED-- how to start using Goldenseal
          Goldenseal Basics | How to Start | Installation | Open a Company File
          Business Management Hints | Goldenseal for Your Business Type
          Estimates | Job Costs | Payroll | Projects | Purchases | Rentals
          Sales | Unit Costs | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Website Main Page

BASIC FEATURES-- basic things that Goldenseal can do for you
           Accounts Payable | Accounts Receivable | Bank Transactions | Billing
           Depositing Funds | Estimates | General Management | Job Costs
           Payroll | Project Management | Purchases | Rental Management | Retail Sales

DATA TYPES-- the basic types of data in Goldenseal
           Accounts | Breakdowns | Lists | Transactions

DATA ENTRY-- how to enter and use data in Goldenseal
           Data Entry Basics | Entering Records | Finding Records | Fixing Mistakes

FILES-- how Goldenseal works with files on your hard drive
           Backing Up | Data Export | Data Import | Installation | Open a Company File

OPTIONS-- special features that make Goldenseal more useful
           Chart of Accounts | Company Info | Passwords | Preferences
           Recurring Items | Reminders | Templates

OUTPUTS-- how to get useful information from Goldenseal
           Data Export | Data Import | Printed Forms | Reports

MENU COMMANDS-- how to make Goldenseal work with mouse or keyboard
           Menu Commands | Layout Menu Commands

CUSTOMIZING-- how to change Goldenseal so it fits your business
           Calculators | Custom Layouts | Estimate Dimensions | Special Business Types

FOR EXPERTS-- Info for network administrators, developers, and other serious users
           Audit Trail | Security | Technical Notes

Website Links-- useful info on our website
       Goldenseal Special Topics | Goldenseal Tech Answers | Site Map | User Page