Dimension Layouts

Use the Custom Layouts command to set up dimensions screens for estimating.

HINT-- Dimensions will help you to enter quantities or measurements into the Goldenseal estimating software.

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When to Use Dimension Layouts

Use Dimension layouts to set up the measurements you enter for Estimates.  You'll see the dimension layouts when you are in an Estimate, and you choose Estimate Dimensions from the Options menu so you can switch to dimension data entry.

If you don't need to enter many measurements, create just one dimension layout and put them all there.

If you need a large number of dimension measurements, you can create multiple dimension layouts.
HINT-- Goldenseal lists layouts in alphabetical order.  It's a good idea to put them in a logical order, starting with the most basic measurements, and them moving to more specific ones.

Dimension Layout Types

Goldenseal includes two different types of dimension layouts.  You can use either, or both.

Estimate Dimensions-- Set up estimate dimension layouts if you want to enter simple measurements that apply to an entire project. You can have up to fifty estimate dimension layouts, but it's unlikely you'll need more than a few layouts.
Location Dimensions-- Set up location dimension layouts if you have measurements that can apply to multiple locations in an estimate.  You can only have one location dimension layout, but in each estimate you can apply it to an unlimited number of locations.
HINT-- Use Location Dimensions for things like rooms in a construction estimate, or separate printing runs in a printing estimate.

Entering Fields

Use the Field Tool to enter regular data entry fields in a dimension layout.

When you view the dimension layouts in an Estimate, the data fields are not editable-- you can only change them when you are in the regular Long Form or Short Form.   Use data fields in dimension layouts to show things like the customer name or estimate name.

Entering Calculators

Use the Calculator Tool to enter Dimensions and Calculated Dimensions in a dimension layout.

To add a dimension to a dimension layout, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Custom Layouts from the Options menu, and choose Estimate Dimensions or Location Dimensions from the submenu.
  2. Switch to the layout you'd like to change.
  3. Click on the Calculator Tool in the palette at the left side of the window.
  4. Click at one corner of where you'd like to add the field, and drag to the opposite corner.
  5. Goldenseal will show you a list of dimensions.  Click on the Type popup to switch between dimensions and calculated dimensions.  Choose the item you'd like to add, then click OK.
  6. Goldenseal will add a dimension field at the selected spot.
When you view the dimension layouts in an Estimate, the Dimension fields are always editable.  The Calculated Dimensions start out with a padlock, and are calculated from other measurements.  Usually you can unlock the padlock by clicking on it, and enter a different value.

You can work with dimension calculators just the same as you do with regular data entry fields for a data entry layout.

You can move and align dimension fields, change their labels, and add graphics to the layout.

Types of Dimension Calculators

Goldenseal can show four different types of dimension fields on a dimension layout:

  • Dimensions-- Regular dimensions appear as a simple rectangular field.  In the estimate you'll be able to type in a number there.
  • Popup Menus-- Dimensions that are formatted as a popup list will appear as a popup menu.  In the estimate you'll be able to choose from the list items that were set in the dimension calculator.
  • Checkboxes-- Dimensions that are formatted as a checkbox will appear as a checkbox.  In the estimate you'll be able to turn the checkbox on or off.
  • Calculated Dimensions-- Calculated dimensions appear as a rectangular field with a padlock next to it.  In the estimate, Goldenseal will fill in a calculated value.  If you open the padlock, you can enter a different value.