Goldenseal Lists

Goldenseal lists set up the basic conditions for running your business. They are an important part of the Goldenseal business management software. For a listing of all Goldenseal lists, click here.

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Here's a list of all Goldenseal lists
List Name How Used Menu
Account Calculations Report calculators that get values from accounts Options- Calculations
Actions Taken Actions taken for contacts or problems Options- Other Lists
Address Book Types Types of entries in the Address Book Options- Other Lists
Appointment Types Types of Appointments Options- Other Lists
Basic Dimensions Dimension measurements you can enter for Estimates Options- Calculations
Benefit Items Employee benefits Costs- Payroll Setup
Benefit Packages Combinations of employee benefits Costs- Payroll Setup
Breakdown Calculations Report calculators that get values from breakdowns Options- Calculations
Calculated Dimensions Estimate dimensions calculated from other dimensions Options- Calculations
Calculated Locations Estimate dimensions calculated from location dimensions Options- Calculations
Category Systems Systems of categories (and optional subcategories) Costs- Category Setup
Commission Rates Commission rates for sales and projects Costs- Payroll Setup
Company Divisions Internal divisions in your company Options- Account Groups
Contact Types Types of contacts for the Contact Log Options- Other Lists
Contract Clauses Text that you'll include in Contracts Options- Contract Setup
Contract Packages Combinations of clauses to include in Contracts Options- Contract Setup
Cost Account Types Types of cost accounts Options- Account Groups
Cost Categories Categories used for job costs Costs- Category Setup
Cost Classes Larger classes for grouping cost categories Costs- Category Setup
Currency Foreign currencies and exchange rates Income- Income Setup
Custom Calculations Report calculators that do math on other calculators Options- Calculations
Customer Discounts Discounts that you give to a particular group of customers Income- Income Setup
Customer Payment Terms Payment terms for customer sales Options- Payment Terms
Delivery Methods Delivery and shipping charges Income- Income Setup
Depreciation Methods for depreciating assets Costs- Cost Setup
Document Types Types of documents entered into the Document Log Options- Other Lists
Draw Schedules Payment schedules for projects Income- Income Setup
Equipment Billing Rate Billing rates for equipment in time and materials work Options- Billing Rates
Equipment Rentals Rates for equipment rented out by the hour or day Income- Income Setup
Estimate Import Order Setup for imports from BidMagic, Goldenseal, etc. Options- Other Lists
Income Tax Fields Calculators for income tax reports Options- Calculations
Info Types Types of entries in the Info Log Options- Other Lists
Investment Types Types of Investment accounts Options- Account Groups
Item Discounts Discounts that you give on a group of sale items Income- Income Setup
Job Types Types of job accounts Options- Account Groups
Labor Billing Rate Billing rates for labor in time and materials work Options- Billing Rates
Loan Payment Terms Terms of payment for loans Options- Payment Terms
Locations Locations for job cost breakdowns Costs- Location Setup
Location Classes Larger groupings for locations Costs- Location Setup
Location Dimensions Basic measurements for locations in Estimates Options- Calculations
Location Packages Packages of locations to use on particular jobs Costs- Location Setup
Markup Systems Methods for calculating resale prices Income- Income Setup
Messages Messages that you can attach to printed forms Options- Other Lists
Owners Owners with a share in your company Options- Other Lists
Payment Methods Types of payments that you receive Income- Income Setup
Payroll Tax Fields Calculators for payroll reports Options- Calculations
Price Rounding Methods for rounding prices to 'retail' amounts Income- Income Setup
Problem Types Types of problems listed in the Problem Log Options- Other Lists
Project Payment Terms Terms of payment for projects Options- Payment Terms
Project Reminders Reminders for project work Options- Other Lists
Prospect Sources Sources where prospects and customers heard of you Income- Income Setup
Reconcile Periods Periods that you use for reconciling bank accounts Options- Other Lists
Reminders Ways you'd like to be reminded about appointments Options- Other Lists
Rental Payment Terms Terms of payment for rentals Options- Payment Terms
Rental Units Rental units within a Real Estate Account Income- Income Setup
Sales Branches Separate stores or sales locations Income- Income Setup
Sales Promotions Groups of items that you regularly put 'on sale' Income- Income Setup
Sales Tax Sales tax rates that you charge customers Income- Income Setup
Subcontract Types Types of subcontracts that you'll make with subcontractors Options- Contract Setup
Subcontractor Billing Rate Billing rates for subcontractors in time and materials work Options- Billing Rates
Subcontractor Charges Rates that subcontractors charge you for hourly work Costs- Cost Setup
Summation Calculations Report calculators that add up other calculators Options- Calculations
Tax Items Payroll withholding, employer taxes and insurance Costs- Payroll Setup
Tax Packages Combinations of taxes that apply to employees Costs- Payroll Setup
Tax Tables Tables for calculating state and federal income taxes Costs- Payroll Setup
Tools Tools that you use for project work Options- Other Lists
Unit Sizes Sizes for items you purchase, sell and use in projects Options- Other Lists
Utility Account Calculations Report calculators that get info from utility accounts Options- Calculations
Vacation Items Vacations and holidays that you give your employees Costs- Payroll Setup
Vacation Packages Packages of vacation items for a group of employees Costs- Payroll Setup
Vendor Payment Terms Terms of payment for your cost accounts Options- Payment Terms
Vendor Sales Tax Sales tax rates on items you purchase Costs- Cost Setup
Vendor Withholding Deductions from vendor payments Costs- Cost Setup
Wage Schedules Wages, payday and terms for a group of employees Costs- Payroll Setup
Work Crews Employees or subcontractors who will work on a project Costs- Cost Setup
Working Hours Schedules of working days and hours Costs- Cost Setup