Subcontract Types

The Subcontract Types list identifies the different subcontracts you can write.

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When to Use Subcontract Types

Use Subcontract Types if you use the contract-writing features in Goldenseal to write contracts for subcontractors that do work for you.

For example, a construction company may have subcontracts with electricians, masons, painters and plumbers.

In Cost Items and Assemblies, the Subcontract Types field lets you determine which work is included in the specifications section of each subcontract.

in Contracts, the Subcontract Types field determines which unit costs are included in the specifications section for this contract.   If you leave the field blank, all items are included.

Entering Subcontract Types

To enter Subcontract Types, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Contract Setup from the Options menu, and choose Subcontract Types from the submenu.
  2. Click the New button, and type in an item.  You can also double-click on an item and change the text.

NOTE-- The Subcontract Types list is a simple list of text.  For more about simple lists, click here.