Goldenseal Transactions

Goldenseal transactions record the daily business of your company. They are a very important part of the Goldenseal accounting software and project management software. You'll probably create new transactions almost every day, and refer back to them frequently. For a list of all Goldenseal transactions, click here.

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Transaction Types

BANK TRANSACTIONS-- move money into or out of your bank accounts
       Cash Transactions | Checking Transactions | Credit Card Transactions | Escrow Transactions
       Investment Transactions | Loan Transactions | Savings Transactions
       Billing Records | Payment Receipts

EXPENSE TRANSACTIONS-- the money you pay out for expenses
       Equipment Hours | Inventory Used | Labor Hours | Material Purchases | Other Costs
       Payroll Records | Purchase Orders & Work Orders | Subcontractor Costs

INCOME TRANSACTIONS-- the money that you receive as income
       Estimates | Leases | Rental Transactions | Sales

MANAGEMENT RECORDS-- basic info that doesn't involve money
       Address Book | Appointments | Contact Log | Document Log
       Info Log | Inspections | Policies & Procedures | Problem Log | To Do List

PROJECT TRANSACTIONS-- help you to manage your projects
       Allowances | Bids | Change Orders | Chargebacks | Contracts | Project Log

TRANSFERS-- move money and value between different accounts
       Asset Transfers | Barter Transfers | Cash Transfers | Cost Transfers
       Equity Transfers | Inventory Transfers

UNIT COSTS-- the items you buy, sell, and use in projects
       Assemblies | Cost Items

List of Transaction Classes

Here's a list of all Goldenseal business transactions:
Transaction Name Used for  Menu 
Address Book Info about misc. people or businesses not in an account Costs
Allowances Expenses that use a fixed cost in the estimate.  Income
Appointments Keeps track of meetings and appointments. Income
Assemblies Items you 'build' from components for projects or resale. Costs
Asset Transfers Special adjustments to the asset value of an account. Bank- Special Transfers
Barter Transfers Items that you give or take in a barter transaction. Bank- Special Transfers
Bids Bids that you receive from suppliers or subs for an estimate.  Income
Billing Records A record of each customer or project bill that you send out. Bank
Billing Statements A combined statement of unpaid bills Bank
Cash Transactions A record of all money that goes into or out of a cash account. Bank
Cash Transfers Special adjustments to the cash value of any account. Bank- Special Transfers
Change Orders Adjustments to a project's price after work has started.  Income
Chargebacks Charges to suppliers or subcontractors because of damages etc Income
Checking Transactions A record of all money that goes into or out of a checking account. Bank
Contact Log A record of phone calls, meetings and other contacts. Income
Contracts Simple contracts for projects or subcontractors.  Income
Cost Items Items that you purchase for use in projects or resale. Costs
Cost Transfers Special adjustments for job costs. Bank- Special Transfers
Credit Card Transactions A record of all money that goes into or out of a credit card account. Bank
Document Log A record of paperwork sent or received. Income
Equipment Hours Equipment hours, tracked for time billing and/or job costs. Costs
Equity Transfers Special adjustments of equity values. Bank- Special Transfers
Escrow Transactions A record of all money that goes into or out of an escrow account. Bank
Estimates Cost estimates for customer sales or project work. Income
Info Log A record of any kind of useful info. Income
Inspection A project inspection report Income
Inventory Transfers Special adjustments of inventory quantity or values. Bank- Special Transfers
Inventory Used A record of inventory used in projects. Costs
Investment Transactions A record of all money that goes into or out of an investment account. Bank
Labor Hours Employee hours, tracked for payroll, time billing and job costs. Costs
Leases Rental lease agreements with tenants. Income
Loan Transactions A record of all money that goes into or out of a loan account. Bank
Material Purchases All materials purchased from suppliers. Costs
Other Costs Miscellaneous costs that aren't materials or subcontractors. Costs
Payment Receipts An optional record of money received. Bank
Payroll Records Employee wages and taxes for one pay period. Costs
Policies & Procedures Company policies and "how to" instructions. Bank
Problem Log A 'punch list' or 'bug list' for problems that need to be fixed. Income
Project Log A simple record of events that take place in a project. Income
Prospects A record of potential customers. Income
Purchase & Work Orders Additional paperwork for tracking purchases or subcontractor work. Costs
Rental Transactions A record of rental lease payments, rental deposits, etc. Income
Sales Items and services that you sell. Income
Savings Transactions A record of all money that goes into or out of a savings account. Bank
Subcontractor Costs Invoices from subcontractors for work they have done. Costs
To Do List A record of tasks that need doing. Costs

Transaction Numbers

Each transaction has a transaction number (it's usually in the upper right corner of the data entry window).

Each new transaction will automatically be numbered one higher than the previous.

For some transactions you can use any kind of text or numbering system in the transaction number.
To change the number display or the next number, choose Record Numbers from the Options menu.

Each Checking account and Escrow account uses its own numbering for every checkbook that draws on the account.