Business Appointments

Use Appointments to plan and record meetings that you have with customers or vendors. In the Goldenseal business management software, Appointments help schedule your time, and remind you about upcoming activities.

When to Use Appointments

The Appointment Log gives you an official record of meetings that you can use if there are misunderstandings later on. It also helps you to plan your schedule.

Use the Appointment Log to track:

  • client visits or meetings
  • company meetings
  • meetings with employees, subcontractors or suppliers
  • any other scheduled contact with clients, subcontractors, suppliers or others
  • anything else that you'd like to be reminded about.

HINT-- To record simple phone calls or unscheduled visits, use the Contact Log instead. If you need a formal record of paperwork that has changed hands, use the Document Log .

Entering Appointments

To enter an Appointment, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Appointments from the Income menu.
  2. Click the New button, or click on an existing item and click the Edit button.
  3. Fill in details about the appointment.

QUICK SETUP HINT-- You only need to enter an Account Type and Who With.  To be reminded, enter a Meeting Date, Start Time and Reminder.

Data Fields

Enter the following information for each Appointment:

Account Type-- Choose the type of account with whom the appointment is being made.
Who With-- Enter the name of the person or business that is meeting with you.
Meeting Date-- Enter the date on which the appointment occurs.
Start Time-- Enter the start time for the appointment or meeting.
End Time-- Enter the time that the appointment or meeting will end.
Comments-- enter any comments you'd like to make about the appointment or meeting.

Entered Date-- When you create a new appointment, Goldenseal automatically assigns a creation date.
Record Number-- Goldenseal automatically assigns a unique number to each appointment.
Meeting Type-- use the clairvoyant field to enter the Appointment Type.  You classify appointments any way you'd like.
Reminder-- If you'd like to be reminded about the appointment, select a Reminder to use.
User to Notify-- If more than one person uses the company file, enter the password of the user who should be notified about this appointment. Leave the field blank if you don't use passwords, or if you want anyone to be notified about it.
Company Rep-- use the clairvoyant field to enter the Employee who will be attending the meeting, or acting on the appointment.
Action Taken-- use the clairvoyant field to enter any Actions Taken as a result of this appointment.

Appointment Status Field

The following types of appointment status are available:

Planned-- For meetings that will be made in the future.
Urgent-- For important and urgent meetings.
Completed-- For meetings that have been completed.
Incomplete-- For meetings that require follow-up action.
Void-- For meetings that were canceled.

Using Appointments

Goldenseal will remind you about appointments before they are due.

The Appointment records are also a permanent record of your meetings, which you can refer back to if you need to clarify something, or resolve a dispute.  Use the Find command to locate any Appointment record later.

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