Actions Taken

The Actions Taken list identifies the actions that you may take, to deal with any kind of business situation.

NOTE-- The Actions Taken list may not be included in some versions of Goldenseal small business software.

When to Use Actions Taken

Use Actions Taken to group and classify anything you do as part of your lead tracking, customer relations and general business management.

You can include any type of action that makes sense for your business.

For example, a gargoyle salesman might include the following actions:

  • Call made
  • Email sent
  • Grimace enhanced
  • Mail sent
  • Mug shots taken
  • Paperwork filed
  • Repair made
  • Roof inspected
  • Talons clipped
  • Wings polished

HINT-- You can also use the Comments field to give a more complete description of actions taken in a business record. The Actions taken field is just a simple way to group actions in a way that is easy to find later.

Entering Actions Taken

To enter Actions Taken, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Other Lists from the Options menu, and choose Actions Taken from the submenu.
  2. Click the New button, and type in an item.  You can also double-click on an item and change the text.

If you are entering a record that has an Action Taken field, you can also click on the popup button next to the clairvoyant field, and choose Edit Actions Taken from the bottom of the menu.

NOTE-- The Actions Taken list is a simple list of text. Click here for more about simple lists.

Transactions Using Actions Taken

Actions Taken will help you to classify records in Appointments, Contact Logs, Document Logs, Problem Logs and Project Logs.

Similar Lists

Some other lists that are very similar to Actions Taken: Appointment Types, Contact Types, Document Types and Problem Types.

Other Links

Actions Taken are particularly useful in our Lead Tracking Software and Business Management Software.