Problem Types

The Problem Types list lets you classify problems that you enter into the Problem Log.

HINT-- Problem Types help you to track problems in the Goldenseal project management software. They'll help with defect tracking, bug tracking and punch lists.

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When to Use Problem Types

Use Problem Types to identify types of problems in the Problem Log.  Enter a list of general problems that you face in your business.

For example,  a professional editor might use the following problem types:

  • typpos
  • impro)per punc!tuation
  • mssng vwls
  • duplicate words words duplicate
  • ain't got good grammer
  • ain't not got narely no double negatives nohow

Entering Problem Types

To enter Problem Types, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Other Lists from the Options menu, and choose Problem Types from the submenu.
  2. Click the New button, and type in an item.  You can also double-click on an item and change the text.

NOTE-- The Problem Types list is a simple list of text.  For more about simple lists, click here.