Simple Lists

There are a wide variety of lists in Goldenseal small business software, to help you run your business better. Some of these lists are just a simple list of names, with no other data in each list item.

Using Simple Lists

When you edit a simple list, you'll just see a list of names.

HINT-- To see the items in a simple list, choose it from the appropriate menu command at the top of the screen. You can also use the Edit command at the bottom of a popup menu that shows members of the list.

When you create a new simple list item, you can change the name in the list without going to a separate dialog.

Click Edit to change the name of the selected item. You can also double-click on the item in the list.
Click New to create a new list item.
Click Duplicate to make a copy of the selected item.
Click Delete to delete the selected item.
Click Sort to sort the list into alphabetical order.

Examples of Simple Lists

These items are all simple lists-- Actions Taken, Appointment Types, Contact Types, Document Types, Info Types, Investment Types, Location Classes, Problem Types, Prospect Sources, Reconcile Periods, Subcontract Types , Tools, Unit Sizes.

HINT-- Some versions of Goldenseal small business software may be lacking some of these simple lists.