The Tools list lets you include simple tools in your assemblies.  That way you can create a Tools report so you know what you need for each project.

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When to Use Tools

Use Tools to identify any non-consumable items that you include in Assemblies.  You can include hand tools, power tools, small equipment and similar items.

Tools vs Equipment

Tools are just a simple list of small tools you may need as components for project work. You can see a list of tools that you need via the Tool report, but Goldenseal doesn't do any specific tracking for tool costs, inventory or maintenance.

If you want to track tool inventory, usage or asset value, use Equipment Accounts instead. You can track hourly use of equipment, enter maintenance costs, and add its value as an asset on your balance sheet.

HINT-- If you don't want to track small hand tools individually but do want to record their asset value, you can set up an Equipment account for a whole bunch of tools.

Entering Tools

To enter Tools, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Other Lists from the Options menu, and choose Tools from the submenu.
  2. Click the New button, and type in an item.  You can also double-click on an item and change the text.

NOTE-- The Tools list is a simple list of text.  For more about simple lists, click here .

Using Tools

You can enter Tools as line items in the subassembly table of an Assembly.

You can also enter Tools as line items in an Estimate that has an Item breakdown.

When you start work on a project, create a Tool report that lists which tools you need for the job.