Record Numbering

This section covers Record Numbering in the Goldenseal business software.

Record Numbering
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Record Numbering

To set the display of record numbers, choose Record Numbering from the Options menu.
NOTE-- Checkbooks use their own separate system of record numbering.

To set the numbering for accounts or transactions, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Record Numbering from the Options menu.
  2. Type in the next number that will be used for each type of account or transaction.
  3. Click OK.

You can choose the next number to use, if you already have number series going and don't want to start at 1. You can also set up complex numbering systems that use punctuation or letters.

Simple Numbering

If you type in a simple number, each new transaction or account will increase the number by one.
EXAMPLE-- if you type in 166, the number series will be 166, 167, 168, 169, 170.
You can use large numbers, if you'd like the number to include information such as the month and year.
EXAMPLE--  if you type in 20000001, the number series will be 20000001, 20000002, 20000003, 20000004.
If you include zeros before a number, they will be included in the numbering system.
EXAMPLE-- if you type in 0097, the number series will be 0097, 0098, 0099, 0100 and 0101.
You can include one or more decimal points.  The far right digit will increase by one each time.
EXAMPLE-- if you type in 4.95, the number series will be 4.95, 4.96, 4.97, 4.98, 4.99, 5.00, 5.01.

Using Punctuation and Text

If you type any punctuation or text into a number, it will be added to every account or transaction number. The number itself will still increase by one for each new account or transaction.

Here are some examples of things you might type in, and the number series they create:

02-0098-- 02-0098, 02-0099, 02-0100, 02-0101
12/02 0001-- 12/02 0001, 12/02 0002, 12/02 0003
Bid-045-- Bid-045, Bid-046, Bid-047, Bid-048
02 997-- 02 997, 02 998, 02 999, 03 000, 03 001
#108/98-- #108/98, #108/99, #109/00, #109/01
39B 9A 8N-- 39B 9A 8N, 39B 9A 9N, 40B 0A 0N, 40B 0A 1N

Using Account and Transaction Numbers

Account and transaction numbers will automatically increase by one, each time you create a new account or transaction.
If you'd like the number to refer to the year, month or day as a part of each number, use the Record Numbering command to change the number at the beginning of each new time period.

EXAMPLE-- If using a number that is based on a year (such as 2002-0098), you'd start over with 2003-0001 at the beginning of 2003.