Payment Receipts

Use Payment Receipts to record payments you receive, when you want a separate record other than the deposit record.

HINT-- Payment Receipts are an optional part of the Goldenseal accounts receivable software.

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When to Use Payment Receipts

You usually do not need to use payment receipts-- the deposit transaction usually serves as sufficient record of payment received.

Create a payment receipt in any of the following cases:

  • When you want to print a receipt, and there is no other transaction that you can use for that.
  • When you receive a payment in more than one form (such as cash and check combined). In that case, enter multiple payment receipts.
  • When you are receive payment in unusual form, such as foreign currency, gift certificates, coupons, or a credit memo.
  • When you forgive a debt.
  • When you want a separate record of a payment for any other reason.

Entering Payment Receipts

To enter a Payment Receipt, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Payment Receipts from the Bank menu.
  2. Click the New button, or choose New Record from the Edit menu.
  3. Enter details for the payment.

QUICK SETUP HINT-- You only need to enter Received From, Amount and Payment Method.

Data Fields

Enter the following information for each Payment Receipts:

Account-- Choose the type of account that is making this payment.
Received From-- Enter the specific account that is making the payment.
Received For-- Enter the type of transaction that this payment covers.
Reference-- If the payment covers a specific transaction, enter it here.
Amount-- Enter the amount that is being paid.

Date-- Today's date is entered automatically. You can change the date if desired.
Record Number-- A record number is automatically assigned to each payment receipt.
Payment Method-- Choose a payment method.
Message-- Choose a message to use on printed receipts.
Comments-- Type in any comments you have about the transaction. This text will not appear on the printed receipt.

Received For

Choose one of the following values in the Received For field:

On Account-- for payments that will be applied to the payee's account balance, without being applied to specific transactions.
Billing Record-- Payment is for a billing record.
Chargeback-- Payment is for a Chargeback.
Rental Transaction-- Payment is for a rental transaction.
Sale-- Payment for a single sales transaction.
Employee Repayment-- The payment received is an employee repayment, for an item listed in a payroll record.
Purchase Refund-- The payment received is a refund listed in a purchase transaction.
Subcontractor Refund--  The payment received is a refund listed in a subcontractor log transaction.
Other Refund--  The payment received is a refund listed in an other cost transaction.
Gift-- for gifts, tips, bonuses and other payments that are not offset against an invoice or other transaction.

HINT-- Tips or gratuities given at the time of a cash sale can be entered on the sales transaction itself.

Payment Receipt Status

When a payment receipt is first made, it will have the Received status.
When the payment is deposited, its status will automatically be changed to Deposited.

If a payment bounces or is otherwise unable to be deposited, change its status to Incomplete.

To cancel a payment, change its status to Void. When a payment is voided, any billing paid by the transaction will be due again.

Payment Breakdowns

If a payment covers several transactions, follow these steps:

  1. Enter Payments into the Breakdown popup menu (at the left side of the window).
  2. Goldenseal automatically fills in a list of unpaid items for this account.
  3. Put a check mark next to each item for which you've received payment.  If the payment is for less than the full amount of a transaction, enter a partial amount into the Payment Amount column.

When you close the transaction, Goldenseal will remove any unpaid items from the table.

Using Payment Receipts

To print a receipt, choose Print Forms from the File menu, and choose the type of receipt you'd like to print.

To deposit funds received, choose Deposit Funds from the Bank menu.  Enter Payment Receipts into the Type popup at upper right.