Info Logs

Use Info Logs to store any kind of useful information that doesn't fit into another part of the Goldenseal business management software and project management software.

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When to Use Info Logs

Use the Info Log to store useful information of any kind. You may find it helpful to include any of the following:

  • "How to" instructions
  • Employee job descriptions
  • Registration, ID and warranty numbers
  • Text of interesting articles or e-mails that you receive
  • Useful web site addresses

Entering Info Logs

To enter an Info Log record, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Info Logs from the Income menu.
  2. Click the New button, or click on an existing item and click the Edit button.
  3. Enter details for the record.

QUICK SETUP HINT-- There are no required fields.  You can enter whatever you need to describe each item.

Data Fields

Enter the following information for each Info Log record:

Subject-- Enter a brief name for the information.
Description-- Enter a more complete description for the information.
HINT-- It's a good idea to include any "key words" that you may try to use later to find this information.
Full Details-- Enter the complete text of the policy or procedure you're including.

Entered-- Goldenseal automatically enters the date this item was created.
Record Number-- Goldenseal automatically enters a record number.
Last Revised-- Goldenseal automatically enters the date this item was last changed.
Info Type-- Enter the Info Type under which you'd like to include this item.
Entered By-- Enter the employee who entered this information.

Using Info Logs

Use Info Log records as a reference for any kind of miscellaneous info that doesn't fit somewhere else in the Goldenseal business management software. Simply type in the info.

Use the Find command to search for key words or for a particular Info Type, so you can locate the specific information you need, later on.