Company Divisions

Use Company Divisions to group asset and liability accounts.

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Entering Company Divisions

To enter a Company Division, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Account Groups from the Options menu, then choose Company Divisions from the submenu.
  2. Click the New button, or click on an existing item and click the Edit button.
  3. Enter details for the company division.

Data Fields

Enter the following information for each Company Division:
Name-- Type in a brief name for this division. This is the text that will appear in clairvoyant fields.
Description-- Type in any comments you'd like to make about this item.
Category System-- Enter the category system that is used for accounts that use this company division.
Overhead Account-- Enter the overhead account that is used for overhead costs in this company division.

Using Company Divisions

Assign a Company Division to each asset account and liability account.

You can use Company Divisions as a breakdown when you create Reports.