Address Book Types

The Address Book Types list lets you classify prospects and address book entries. It's a useful utility that helps with lead tracking within the Goldenseal business management software.

When to Use Address Book Types

Use Address Book Types in the Address Book and in Prospects. They allow you to group and identify the records there, in any way you find useful.

For example, you might want to include classifications like the following:

  • Emergency numbers
  • Neighbors
  • Prospective suppliers
  • Marketing contacts
  • Gargoyle salesmen

For more about items to include in the Address Book, click here.

Entering Address Book Types

To enter Address Book Types, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Other Lists from the Options menu, and choose Address Book Types from the submenu.
  2. Click the New button, and type in an item.  You can also double-click on an item and change the text.

NOTE-- The Address Book Types list is a simple list of text.  For more about simple lists, click here.

Transactions Using Address Book Types

Address Book Types will help you to classify records in the Address Book and in Prospects.

Similar Lists

Some other lists that are very similar to Address Bool Types: Actions Taken, Appointment Types, Contact Types, Document Types and Problem Types.

Other Links

You can use Address Book Types in Goldenseal's Lead Tracking Software and Business Management Software.