Goldenseal Topics

This section covers new features, bug reports, details for adapting Goldenseal small business software to special conditions, and other help topics that are not in the manuals. We frequently add new special topics here.

Account Setup-- Info about Goldenseal accounts.
Bank Transactions-- Info about banking and bank transactions.
Beginner Startup-- For beginner startup help.
Business Management-- Hints for running your business with Goldenseal.
Construction Management-- Hints for running a construction business with Goldenseal.
Customizing-- Changes you can make to Goldenseal.
Data Entry-- Data entry hints and help.
Errors & Bugs-- Help with error messages and other problems.
Estimates-- Estimating hints and info.
Expenses & Paying Bills-- Entering expenses and paying bills.
Files, Data & Security-- More about Goldenseal file management, data setup and security.
Lists-- Help with Goldenseal lists.
Macintosh Basics-- Info about running Goldenseal on a Macintosh.
Menus-- More about Goldenseal menus.
Network-- Help with the multi-user version.
Payroll-- Help with payroll.
Printing-- Help with Goldenseal printing and printed forms.
Projects-- Project management and job costing hints and info.
Quickbooks Switch-- Help moving from Quickbooks to Goldenseal.
Reports-- More about Goldenseal reports
Sales-- More about sales management with Goldenseal.
Windows-- Info about running Goldenseal on Windows.

In the Works-- New features we are planning.

New Version Features-- Version 2.4, Version 2.5, Version 2.6, Version 2.7, Version 2.8, Version 2.9, Version 3.0
NOTE-- Versions 3.01 and later are listed on the Update Download page