Beginner Startup Topics

This section covers special Goldenseal topics for those who are just starting to use the Goldenseal accounting software, estimating software and business management software.

Can I switch to Goldenseal in the middle of the year?
Does Goldenseal handle accrual accounting?
Does Goldenseal handle cash accounting?
How do I set up Goldenseal for multiple companies?

Demo Version-- Removing
Demo Version-- Troubleshooting Guide

Getting Started
Can I download Goldenseal and use it right away?
Demo Version-- Troubleshooting Guide
How can I see Help info for fields and controls?
How can I see Help info for table columns?
How can I see which version I have?
How do I set up for my construction business?
How do I set up for my retail business?
How do I set up for my wholesale business?
Is there a way to get tech support after hours?
Startup Guide-- how do I use it?

Can I use a digitizer with Goldenseal?
Is there a version of Goldenseal for PDAs (Palm, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad)?
What do I need for the Macintosh version?
What do I need for the Windows version?

HELP! Top Ten Beginner Questions
An account says I have a 'paid on account' amount!
How do I start an estimate?
How do I use the starter files?
I can only see some of my records-- the rest have disappeared!
I don't see any dimensions, cost categories or unit costs!
I just entered a record, and it's not showing up in menus!
I'm totally confused! Where should I begin?
It won't let me change or delete a record!
What is the best way to start with Goldenseal?
When I click on the browser 'book', it's gray and nothing happens!
Why doesn't a category show up in the list?

Installing Goldenseal
How do I install Goldenseal from a website download?
I didn't use a Starter File! How can I get that data into my company file?

Can I sell Goldenseal to someone else?
Can I use Goldenseal on both Macintosh and Windows at the same time?
Can I use Goldenseal on more than one computer?
Can my accountant use Goldenseal to check my books?
How does the Multi-User License work?
If I get a new computer, do I need to do anything with Goldenseal?

Can I mix Macintosh and Windows computers on the same network?
Can I use Goldenseal on more than one computer without having a network?
What happens if I want to add users or upgrade from the single-user version?
What kind of network do I need for the multi-user version?

Pre-Purchase Questions
Can I download the software from your website?
Can I talk to people who are already using Goldenseal?
Do I get printed manuals with Goldenseal?
Does Goldenseal have bugs in it?
Does Goldenseal run on FileMaker?

How frequently do you update the Goldenseal program?
What is the best way to start with Goldenseal?
What happens if I decide that Goldenseal won't work for me?

Quick Start 1-2-3 Instructions
Payroll and Paycheck
Project Billing
Sales and Inventory
Service Billing

Switching from other programs
I've used BidMagic for years. How do I switch?
I've used MacNail for years.  How do I switch?

I've used Quickbooks for years. How do I switch?

Tech Support
How do I call for help?
How do I email for help?

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