Converting from Quickbooks

I've used Quickbooks for years. Why should I switch to Goldenseal accounting software?

Goldenseal accounting software does more than Quickbooks. It is a complete "run your business" program that includes all the following:

You'll appreciate the switch to Goldenseal in any of the following cases:

  • If Quickbooks doesn't give you the information you need to manage your business.
  • If you have a hard time finding past records.
  • If you hit a record limit in Quickbooks and can't add more items.
  • If you are frequently confused about which Chart of Accounts item to use.
  • If you have to make many General Journal entries to keep track of your daily business.
  • If you don't like double-entry accounting.
  • If you'd like payroll to be integrated more closely into your general accounting.
  • If you need to track subcontractor insurance or job costs, or if you pay worker's comp based on the type of work done.

When to Switch

Pick a date when you'll start using Goldenseal. You can stop using Quickbooks at that date, or you can use both for a while until you are completely familiar with Goldenseal.

It's easier to remember if you switch on the first day of a year, quarter or month-- but you can do it any time.

Importing Quickbooks Data

In Goldenseal 2.5 and newer there is a special Import command which brings your Quickbooks accounts, lists and other info into your Goldenseal company file. For instructions, click here.

Differences Between Quickbooks and Goldenseal

Goldenseal uses "smart" accounts and lists which are designed for specific tasks, while Quickbooks uses more generic "double entry" accounts. That means there are differences in the way you'll handle some items.

Goldenseal is easy to figure out, but it may still be different from what you are used to. Click the links below for more details.

Accounting Basics | Chart of Accounts | Estimates | Expenses | Invoices | Items | Job Costs | Journal Entries
Payment Terms | Paying Bills | Payroll | Sales | Sales Tax | Writing Checks | Year-End Closeout

Goldenseal uses an object database that is designed for fast access to your records. Goldenseal provides similar financial reports and similar access to data, but there are some differences in the way you'll find and use your financial records. Click the links below for more details.

Creating Records | Data Entry | Finding Records | Networking | Printed Forms | Reports

To see other Beginner topics, click here.

Click here for info about importing data from Quickbooks to Goldenseal.