Help Fields

How can I get Help info from Goldenseal?

Starting with version 2.4, Goldenseal small business software includes a help button and field help info on each data entry screen.

Help Buttons

The Help button is the question mark button on the lower left side of data entry windows.

Click the Help button to see more info about that type of business record.

HINT-- Goldenseal stores the help text in the Starter files. If you make a new empty file, there will be no help text available. Start with a Starter file instead.

Field Help

When you move the mouse cursor over a field, the Goldenseal software program fills in a brief description of that field. The field help text is on the left side of the window for accounts and transactions, and at the bottom of the window for list items. This "help text" appears when you hold down a modifier key (Shift or Control) when the mouse is over the field.

Goldenseal also shows help text when you move the mouse cursor over a control on the left side of the window for accounts or transactions, or in the Custom Layouts windows.

To hide the field help text, choose Preferences from the Options menu, choose Interface from the submenu, and use the Show Help Messages popup field to determine when to show help messages (you can show them always, never, or only when a modifier key is down).

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