Goldenseal Accounting Topics

This section covers new features, bug reports and other useful info for working with accounts in the Goldenseal accounting software and business management software.

ASSET Accounts
How does Goldenseal calculate equipment and real estate values?
How many checking accounts should I create?
What do I do when I buy new equipment or real estate?
What is the difference between checking, investment and savings accounts?

Checking Accounts
Check Numbers- How to Change
Multiple Checkbooks-- How to Use

Cost Accounts
Do I have to make an account for every vendor?
What is the difference between material suppliers, subcontractors and other costs?
When I click the View Invoices button on an account, I don't see all my invoices!

How do I use customer discounts?
How do I use the billing address, delivery address and main address?

What do I enter as a starting balance for accounts?
Can I use account numbers instead of names?
How can I find an account quickly?
How can I find related transactions quickly?
Overhead-- how do I handle overhead expenses?
Unallocated showing in reports or job costs

Liability Accounts
How do I use escrow accounts?
What's the difference between a credit card and a loan account?
Why is Owner Equity considered a liability?

How do I handle subcontractor insurance?

How do I print 1099 forms?
I see X in the Pay column for subcontractors.

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