Goldenseal Bugs & Error Messages

This section covers solutions for bugs and error messages in Goldenseal accounting software and estimating software versions 2.4 to 2.9.

Bugs and errors in Goldenseal software versions 3.0 and later are listed on the updates page.

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General Error Messages
I'm seeing an Oops message.
It's telling me Goldenseal was not closed properly!
When I open the file, it says a menu list is damaged!

KNOWN BUGS- Goldenseal 2.9
Carpet cost is too high!
Not able to re-arrange breakdown table rows (Windows only).
Reports print blank pages (Mac OS X only)!
Screen is frozen! (Windows only)
Shelving has too much labor.
Stump and tree removal don't have a cost!
Wrong billing date for some payment terms.
Wrong billing date in Pay Bills command.

Known Bugs- Goldenseal 2.8
Allowances don't bill properly in Time & Materials projects!
Bids don't update estimates when they change!
Foundation Area dimensions do not calculate correctly!

Known Bugs- Goldenseal 2.7
Cost Items don't calculate right if I change the pricing method!
Goldenseal suddenly quits or freezes when I'm working in a breakdown table!
I can't change a project number!
I can't see estimates for a customer that I just created via Convert to Customer!
I don't see any estimate dimensions!
The balance sheet doesn't have the right value for some assets!
The Control key doesn't let me drag table columns on my Mac!
When I change a schedule date, it doesn't fill in later dates!
When I duplicate an estimate, the breakdowns are not right!
When I import payroll, my "pay to" accounts change!

Known Bugs- Goldenseal 2.6
I can't enter an estimate into the Labor Hours report!
It gives me an error message when I change Wage Schedules!

Known Bugs- Goldenseal 2.5
I just get a blank page when I use the Print Forms command!
It says I owe a whole bunch of withholding taxes!