Bid Updating

Bids don't update estimates when they change!

There is a bug in Goldenseal estimating software versions 2.7 and 2.8 which causes Estimates to sometimes not be updated when a bid price changes.

To work around the problem, follow these steps when you want to change the price of a bid or competitive bid:

  1. Choose Bids from the Income menu, and locate the bid you want to change.
  2. Change the bid amount, and hit the Enter key to save changes.
  3. Open the Estimate record which includes the bid. HINT-- Double-click on the Estimate field in the Bid record to open its estimate.
  4. Locate the bid in the breakdown table.
  5. Change the quantity of the bid. Goldenseal will update the bid price.
  6. If the bid is a 'cost per unit' bid, change the quantity back to the original quantity. For other bids, Goldenseal will automatically change the bid quantity back to one.

In Goldenseal estimating software 2.9 and later, bids correctly update the estimates that include them, whenever the bid amount changes. If it's a competitive bid, the Goldenseal bidding software will automatically use the lowest bid.

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