Goldenseal Estimating Topics

This section covers special topics for project estimating in the Goldenseal estimating software.

These topics apply to general construction estimating, paint estimating, and all other estimates.

Accuracy-- how accurate are Goldenseal estimates?
Accuracy-- how can I make estimates more accurate?
Adjusting Prices-- how do I adjust prices for different economic conditions?
Adjusting Prices-- how do I adjust prices for different qualities of construction?
Calibrating Prices-- how do I get Goldenseal to match my costs?
Duplicated Estimates-- When I duplicate an estimate, it's not the same price as the original!
Labor Costs-- what do I do when they change?
Material Costs-- what do I do when they change?
Overhead Percentage-- how to calculate.
Price Quotes-- how do I get them from vendors?
Regional Differences-- how do I handle them?

Bids From Suppliers & Subcontractors
Bids-- how do I handle supplier & subcontractor bids?
Bids-- what about bids that I get after a project starts?

Rough & Finish Work-- how do I split my plumbing & electrical bids into rough and finish?

Common Questions
Digitizers-- can I use a digitizer with Goldenseal?
Dimensions-- I can't find dimensions, or I can't get back to the original estimate!
Dimensions-- I don't see any dimensions!
Field Estimates-- how can I make an estimate in the field, and then bring it back to the office?
Field Estimates-- when and when not to use.
Fudge Factors-- how can I make a 'quick and dirty' adjustment to an estimate?
Metric Version-- does Goldenseal work in metres/kg?
Options-- how do I include prices for optional features?
Overhead & Profit-- how many line items to use for markup?
Overhead & Profit-- where do I add them?
Price Changes-- how do I handle price changes after an estimate is awarded?

Customizing Estimates
Dimension Buttons-- Can I click a button to show dimensions?
Item Comments-- I want to put comments in estimate line items.
Proposals-- How can I print more text in my proposal forms?

Estimate Details
Assemblies-- Can I include just labor or materials from an assembly?
Dimensions-- Labor & material dimension adjustments are not calculating
Line Items-- Breakdown line items are not calculating the way I want (TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE)
Line Items-- Can I see a percentage breakdown for each line item in an estimate?
Piece Work-- How do I make a fixed cost or piecework assembly?
Price Adjustments-- Labor adjustments for rush jobs, distant jobs, weird jobs, etc.
Price Adjustments-- Material adjustments for hurricanes, islands, big cities, etc.
Sales Tax-- How do I charge for sales tax?

Printed Forms
Markup-- Can I "hide" my overhead and profit so clients don't see it itemized in my estimates?
Printing-- When I print an estimate it doesn't look like a business form!

Cost Breakdown-- Can I see a quick report of estimated labor, material and other costs and labor hours?
Markup-- Can I "hide" my overhead and profit so clients don't see it itemized in my estimates?
Labor Hours-- Can I see a report of the labor that a project will require?
What Category Systems are available for organizing my estimates?

Types of Estimates
Ballpark Estimates-- How do I make quick "ballpark" estimates?
General Contracting-- How do I make estimates that are mostly subcontractor bids?
Historical Estimates-- How do I make "historical" estimates based on previous costs?
Subcontracting-- How do I give bids to a general contractor when working as a subcontractor?
Small Jobs-- How do I make estimates for small jobs?
Unit Costs-- How do I make unit cost estimates?

Unit Costs
Assemblies-- Can I include Assemblies in other Assemblies?
Assemblies-- What is the best way to create a new assembly?
Dimension Multipliers-- How do I use dimension modifiers?
Framing-- how does it figure in ceiling heights?
Framing-- how does it figure in sheathing thickness?
Framing-- how does it figure in stud, joist or rafter spacing?
Insulation-- how does it figure in insulation thickness?
Labor Costs-- How do I calculate labor unit costs?
Painting-- how does it figure in paint coats?
Price Changes-- If I change prices in a Cost Item or Assembly, does it update my estimates?
Price Changes-- What about unit costs that change frequently?
Quick Material Price Changes-- Can I "fudge" prices by a percentage when they have changed?
Rules of Thumb-- How do I add a simple "rule of thumb" price?
Subcontractors-- price per square foot for subcontracted work.
Vendor Prices-- Can Goldenseal keep track of what my favorite vendors charge?

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