Estimates Cost Summary

Can I see a quick summary of estimated labor, material and other costs and labor hours?

Starting with Goldenseal estimating software version 2.9, you can see a quick summary of the labor, material and subcontractor components in each project estimate. You can also see total labor hours and costs per square foot (or other unit).

To see the summary, click on the Cost Summary button.

HINT-- If you previously customized your estimate layouts, you won't see the new Cost Summary button. You can either revert to the original layout, or add the new Extra Info button.

The Cost Summary opens as a small window over the regular Estimates window. You can see total costs for each basic cost area, plus costs per square foot or whatever other unit you use for the project size.

When you are finished viewing the summary, click OK.

HINT-- To see a more detailed breakdown, click the Show Report button on the Estimate, or choose Estimates from the Reports menu, and choose Category Breakdown from the submenu. Other estimating reports are also available in the same menu.

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