Showing and Hiding Overhead

Can I "hide" my overhead and profit so clients don't see it itemized in my estimates?

Starting with Goldenseal estimating software version 2.7, you have the option to "hide" your overhead, profit and other soft costs in your estimate reports.

The standard Estimate printed forms automatically hide those amounts in the detailed breakdowns. They calculate the markup caused by the soft costs, and distribute them evenly among the hard costs in the breakdown.

The standard Estimate reports do not hide overhead and profit. They show you all costs, so you can see exactly what you are charging.

HINT-- Usually you'll give the printed forms to your clients, and look at the reports for your own management.

If you set up your own Estimate printed forms before version 2.7 or if you'd like to change the hiding of overhead in printed forms, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Custom Layouts from the Options menu, and choose Printed Forms from the submenu.
  2. Enter Estimates into the Transaction popup at upper left.
  3. Choose a form in the Print Form popup field.
  4. Click on the breakdown table in the report layout.
  5. Choose Field Properties from the Format menu.
  6. Turn on the Hide Overhead checkbox if you'd like to hide overhead and other soft costs. Turn on the checkbox if you'd like to show them.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Choose Save from the File menu.

To change the hiding of overhead in reports, choose Custom Layouts from the Options menu, choose Reports from the submenu, then follow steps 2 to 8 above.

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