Expenses & Bill Paying Topics

This section covers special topics for expenses and paying bills in the Goldenseal accounts payable software and accounting software.

Equipment Expenses
How do I enter vehicle and equipment miles (or kilometers)?
How do I enter purchases of small tools?
What do I do when I buy new equipment or real estate?

Expense Tracking and Reports
How do I get an expense to show in Cost of Goods Sold? In Overhead?
Meals and Entertainment-- how do I enter?
Split Payments-- how to split one invoice between two jobs.
Travel Expenses-- how do I enter?

Other Costs
How do I enter utility bills?
Personal Expenses-- combined with business
Personal Expenses-- using separate files

Paying Bills
How do I enter a pre-payment?
A purchase doesn't appear in the Pay Bills list.
I can't change a purchase marked Paid!
I see X in the Pay column for subcontractors.

Refunds and Returns
How do I enter a refund or rebate check?
How do I enter credits and returns back into our inventory?
How do I enter credits from a vendor, and returns to a vendor?

Sales Tax and Vendor Withholding
How do I use the different types of vendor withholding?

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