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Accounts Payable (Pay Bills)
Adjusting Credit changes sign in Pay Bills (version 1.05)
Billing Dates are off (version 2.93 and earlier)
Incorrect retainage in Change Order billing
*Pay Bills window not updating (Mac OS X, version 2.8 and earlier)
Payroll tax or sales tax not listed
Purchase not showing in Pay Bills (more)
X's in Pay Bills window for subcontractors

Accounts Receivable (Billing)
Change Order doesn't show up in Billing window
Deposit Funds doesn't show breakdown for cash sales by date
Don't see billed sales in a Payment Receipt (version 2.93 and earlier)
Payment Receipt with breakdown gives warning (version 2.93 and earlier)
Using Payment Receipt for an expense (version 2.4 and earlier)

Chart of Accounts
Can't re-arrange icons in Chart of Account window
Why no Expense or Revenue Accounts?

Error Messages
Incomplete transaction warning
Sorry, account validation failed! (version 1.07)

Finances & Accounting
Estimated Tax payments
Labor Costs (Labor Hours vs Payroll)
Minimum Balance-- what to fill in
Payments 'on account'
Reconcile Command is grayed out!

Can't leave cost transfer record! (version 1.0)
Paying the Owner

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