Incomplete Transaction Warning


Incomplete transaction warning msg when using Pay Bills, Write Payroll, Deposit Funds, or Billing commands in Goldenseal accounting software.


Goldenseal gives this warning if there is a record that has been started and not saved. It won't show up in the list, and we don't want users to be confused by the absence.

NOTE-- In versions 1.06 and earlier, it may also give this warning after a record has been deleted (a bug).

Except for deleted records, this is *not* a bug, just Goldenseal warning you about unfinished transactions.


User can ignore the message (the accounting report just won't include the unfinished record).

Or cancel, finish and save the record and try again.

For the version 1.05 bug, they'll need to Quit from Goldenseal accounting software, and reopen the program.


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Entered 7/9/01 by Gor. Updated 10/23/2010.