Account Validation Failed Message


After entering a bank transaction, it gives message-- Sorry, account validation failed. All running totals will be recalculated message


This happens in Bank Transactions when doing a reconcile in Goldenseal small business accounting software.

It seems to happen after they have used check, cash, credit card etc as payment method for an expense. Ask what they've done prior to the message.


When it gives that message, it also fixes the running total. So no further action is needed. You can apologize for the bug.

NOTE-- By Goldenseal accounting software version 2.5 or so, it looks like we have fixed all the small bugs that were causing this message. At least we haven't seen it in testing for quite a while, and haven't heard about it in tech calls for several years. If it happens again, please let us know!


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Entered 2/8/01 by Dennis. Updated 10/23/2010.