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Goldenseal is cost accounting software for any business that needs to accurately control costs. It's a job cost accounting program that tracks project and overhead expenses, and divides them into categories and subcategories so you can see exactly where you spend money.

Goldenseal includes many features designed specifically for job cost accounting. For example, it provides separate job cost and time billing amounts for your equipment, labor and subcontractor expenses, so you can include overhead, labor "burden" and other adjustments to the amount you pay.

The Goldenseal accounting software includes a Job Costs command that shows a quick snapshot of current costs for each project, plus more detailed "estimated vs actual" project cost reports via the Reports menu.

You can set up complete category systems to classify your costs-- with categories and subcategories. You can also classify each cost into a separate location, which you can use for business processes, project segments or anything else that applies to your style of cost accounting.

For more about Goldenseal job cost accounting, click here.

The complete version of Goldensel includes the following features:

The Goldenseal cost accounting software is available for Macintosh and Windows computers. Click here for software pricing.