Rebuilding Menu Lists

When I open Goldenseal, it says a menu list is damaged!

Menu Lists

Goldenseal estimating software and accounting software keeps a list of record names and other basic info for each account, list and transaction class. The lists help increase the speed of menu displays, nd make the Find command faster when searching on some fields.

If Goldenseal is interrupted while saving a record, the menu list may not be current. The next time you open Goldenseal, it will warn you about the problem and ask about rebuilding the list.

Menu Rebuilding

If you click OK to the menu rebuilding, Goldenseal will check each record and add it to the menu list-- it may take a few seconds to a few minutes to check them all, depending on the number of records.

If you click cancel, Goldenseal small business software will open the file anyhow. It's possible that an item will be missing from menus, but otherwise the program will run fine.

We are constantly increasing Goldenseal's reliability, so you should not see this message very often. But if there is damage, Goldenseal will repair itself.

Version Info

We added the menu rebuilding in Goldenseal 2.3, and made it optional in Goldeneal 2.35.

If you recently upgraded, you may need to rebuild several menus when you first open Goldenseal accounting software with the newer version. After that it will be a rare occurrence.

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