Goldenseal Classes

2012/2013 Training Classes

We have completed our schedule of classes for 2012, and are still working on our plans for 2013.

No class nearby?

We may add additional hands-on classes at other locations. If you'd like to host a class, please let us know!

Class Cost

Classes include six hours of instruction. The full day cost for one person:

  • $125 if paid 30+ days before the beginning of the class.
  • $150 if paid 1+ days in advance.
  • $175 at the door.

You may also attend a half-day (Estimating 9 AM to noon, or Accounting 1 PM to 4 PM):

  • $75 if paid 30+ days before the beginning of the class.
  • $95 if paid 1+ days in advance.
  • $110 at the door.

Hands-on classes are limited to six students, so sign up early!

Lecture-style classes are half price for each additional person from the same company. For those classes we also offer a half price refresher course if you have previously taken a Goldenseal training class (limited by availability).

If you are travelling more than 160 driving miles to the class, we also have a distant user discount.

Class Details

The training classes are a chance to learn more about Goldenseal, talk with one of our developers, and meet other users in your area.

To reserve a spot or get more info, call us. You can also use our secure shopping cart to sign up for classes.

HINT: If there isn't a class nearby, you can still use our free phone and email support. Our "help line" is open M-F 9-6 Eastern time. There is no charge, and no time limit for using our servlces. You can also send questions by email to We can usually get you an answer within one business day.

Past Classes

In 2004 we offered ten classes (in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, DC, Ithaca, Boston, Chicago, Denver and Houston).

In 2005 we offered fourteen classes (in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Richmond, Charlotte NC, Atlanta, Miami, Hartford, Cleveland, Burlington, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Dallas).

In 2006 we offered thirteen classes (in Albany, Portsmouth, Newark, Portland, Calgary, Bellingham, Fredericksburg, Asheville, St. Louis, Madison, Ann Arbor, San Francisco and Los Angeles).

In 2007 we offered nine classes (in Orlando, Atlanta, Louisiana, Austin, Providence, Philadelphia, Winston-Salem, Chicago and Hagerstown).

In 2008 we offered twelve classes (in Albany, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Tucson, Los Angeles, Boston, Trenton, Denver, Seattle, Cincinnati, Greenville and Charlottesville).

In 2009 we offered six classes (in Austin, Orlando, Hartford, Portland OR, San Francisco and Baltimore).

In 2010 we offered seven classes (in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, Seattle, Sacramento and Chicago).

In 2011 we offered classes in Washington DC and San Francisco.

In 2012 we offered classes in Washington DC, Ithaca NY, Chicago IL, Calgary AB and San Francisco.

Since 1988 we have taught over 180 classes and seminars!