Goldenseal 3.2 Update

This section covers bug fixes and new features in the 3.2 software update for Goldenseal accounting software and construction estimating software (released 3/15/05).

Bugs Fixed
Assemblies within Assemblies give Wrong Labor
Cancel a Required Field can Zap the Status of Accounts
Client Changes Not Saved Correctly
Client Losing Data from Unfinished Records
Deposit Funds not catching Partially Paid Sales
Error Message When Adding an Estimate Location
Incorrect Posting of Job Cost Income
Leak Fixed in Drawing Code
Lost Returns in Windows Printing
New Assemblies not Updating Immediately
New Reports Don't Get Report Settings
Suggested Quantity for Wall Sheathing Unit Costs
Zeros in Total Row of Printed Form or Report

Minor Fixes, Changes & Improvements
Better Handling of Record ID's
Better Handling when Deleting a Bad Checking Record
Cell Phone Fields
Clean Up Commands Fix More Problems
Convert to Customer Now Copies More Data
Find Also Gives Easier Multiple Finds
Hide Overhead now Works in Category Reports
Imports Work in Clients
Money Multiplication Improved
Simple Estimate Printed Form Uses Scope of Work Field
Tax Payments Get Better Job Cost Info
Thousands Dividers Optional in Data Entry Fields
User Required Fields won't Complain if Locked
Verify File Command gives Better Progress Bar

New Features
Duplicating Estimates also Duplicates Allowances & Bids
Tables now Print in Sorted Order

Unit Cost and Category Changes
New Excavation and Concrete Subcategories
Changed Assemblies