Excavation & Concrete Subcategories


Starting with Goldenseal 3.2 we are adding three new construction subcategories to Goldenseal:

  • Excavation-- Septic Tanks and installation
  • Concrete-- Concrete Footings (formerly a part of Concrete Walls)
  • Concrete-- Specialty Slabs (formerly a part of Floor Slabs)


If you have Goldenseal 3.1 or earlier, you can import the new subcategories into your company file. You should only do that if you are using either the Full Construction or the Full CSI category system, and if you have not made major changes to those category systems.

To add the new cost subcategories, first download the update file. Follow these steps:

  1. Click this link-- Concrete Category Update.
  2. Save the text file on your hard drive and remember where it is.

Next, import the data into your company file:

  1. Open your company file.
  2. Choose Import from the File menu, and choose **Other Update from the submenu.
  3. Locate the Concrete_Categories.txt file that you just downloaded from the website.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Goldenseal will automatically add the new cost categories, and also add them as subcategories in the Full Construction and Full CSI category systems.

**If you have an older version of Goldenseal, you may not see the Other Update command. In that case, use the Payroll Update command instead. It does exactly the same thing.