Report Table Printing Improved


In Goldenseal accounting software version 3.2, report tables now print much faster, and they show exactly the same info as is on the report screen.

NOTE-- In version 3.14 and earlier, report tables would refill the original data when printing, so it wouldn't print in sorted order.

Suggested By

This has been on top of the To Do list for over a year! We finally figured out the best way to make this change.

How to Use

Simply print as usual. Goldenseal accounting software will now print reports with the same sort order as what you have on the screen.

Technical Details

We can't just print what you see on the screen directly, since we need to insert extra rows in the printed table so it will properly clear page boundaries. But we now set up a second print table and fill it from the data on the screen, so it will use whatever sorted order you have in the report.