Client Updating of Unfinished Records


In Goldenseal multi-user accounting software, saving a record from a client would sometimes zap data that had been typed into a different record and not yet saved. For example, this could happen in a Customer record if you entered a Sale transaction for that customer-- when saving the Sale, it would lose anything you had just typed into the Customer record.

Caught By

Turtle testing, and several user bug reports.


If you save changes in a record immediately, this won't happen.


Fixed in Goldenseal accounting software version 3.2

Technical Details

When Goldenseal saves a record, it also "posts" the data to other records (for example, a Sale adds itself to the Customer account, so the customer can find its sales more quickly). The server would then update the clients, which could over-write any unsaved changes in the client.

We changed that updating so it brings in any recent changes from the client before updating the window.