Saving Client Changes


In Goldenseal multi-user accounting software versions 3.1 and earlier, records created on a client via the Pay Bills, Write Payroll, Billing or Deposit Funds commands are sometimes not saved properly on the server.

This results in "dud" records which give error messages and must be removed.

Caught By

Turtle testing, and several user bug reports.


If you change the records from the clients after creating them, Goldenseal will save them correctly.


Fixed in Goldenseal construction accounting software version 3.2

Technical Details

This was a very nasty and subtle bug that took several days to track down. The records were being marked as "busy" by the client so they weren't being saved. It looks like we accidentally introduced this problem recently when we made some improvements to the record handling on the clients, and didn't notice that it affected saving on the server.

We made a general improvement to the handling of the "busy" status of records, which should increase reliability in both the multi-user and single-user versions of Goldenseal.